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package avo

import "github.com/mmcloughlin/avo"

Package avo is a high-level x86 assembly generator.


Package Files



attrPackage attr provides attributes for text and data sections.
buildPackage build provides an assembly-like interface for incremental building of avo Files.
buildtagsPackage buildtags provides types for representing and manipulating build constraints.
examplesPackage examples provides examples of avo usage.
examples/addPackage add demonstrates an Add function in avo.
examples/argsPackage args demonstrates how to load function arguments in avo.
examples/complexPackage complex shows how to work with complex types in avo.
examples/dataPackage data shows how to define DATA sections in avo.
examples/dotPackage dot implements vector dot product in avo.
examples/extPackage ext demonstrates how to interact with external types.
examples/ext/extPackage ext is used as a target package in the external types example.
examples/fnv1aPackage fnv1a implements FNV-1a in avo.
examples/geohashPackage geohash implements integer geohash encoding in avo.
examples/pragmaPackage pragma demonstrates the use of compiler directives.
examples/returnsPackage returns demonstrates how to write function return values in avo.
examples/sha1Package sha1 implements the SHA-1 hash in avo.
examples/stadtxPackage stadtx implements Stadtx Hash
examples/sumPackage sum sums a slice in avo.
gotypesPackage gotypes provides helpers for interacting with Go types within avo functions.
internal/genPackage gen provides code generators based on the instruction database.
internal/instPackage inst is the avo instruction database.
internal/loadPackage load loads the instruction database from external sources.
internal/opcodescsvPackage opcodescsv extracts data from the Go x86.csv database.
internal/opcodesxmlPackage opcodesxml is a reader for the Opcodes XML database.
internal/prntPackage prnt provides common functionality for code generators.
internal/stackPackage stack provides helpers for querying the callstack.
internal/testPackage test provides testing utilities.
irPackage ir provides the intermediate representation of avo programs.
operandPackage operand provides types for instruction operands.
passPackage pass implements processing passes on avo Files.
printerPackage printer implements printing of avo files in various formats.
regPackage reg provides types for physical and virtual registers, and definitions of x86-64 register families.
srcPackage src provides types for working with source files.
testsPackage tests contains avo integration tests.
tests/castPackage cast tests casting virtual registers to different sizes.
tests/fmtPackage fmt tests assembly printer formatting.
tests/labelsPackage labels tests for cleanup of redundant labels.
tests/textflagPackage textflag tests that avo attribute constants agree with textflag.h.
tests/thirdpartyPackage thirdparty executes integration tests based on third-party packages that use avo.
x86Package x86 provides constructors for all x86-64 instructions.

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