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The current vendoring solution supports both new and old style vendoring, via a trick: We commit all vendored code to the "vendor" directory, and then, if we're on a version/deployment of go that doesn't support new style vendoring, we symlink to "build/vendor/src" and add "build/vendor" to the gopath, which the render-gopath program generates inside of the makefile.

This script sets up the symlink. This is somewhat fragile for go1.5 and go1.6, if you change the value of the GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT environment variable, in between runs of "make-vendor" and builds. Similar switching between go1.4 environments and go1.6 will require manually rerunning this script.

Simple script to print the current GOPATH with additional vendoring component for legacy vendoring, as needed. Use in conjunction with makefile configuration and the "make-vendor" script.

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make-vendor.go render-gopath.go run-linter.go


vendoringPackage vendoring provides a several variables used in vendoring buildscripts and function that reports (without any external dependencies) if the current environment requires legacy-style vendoring, or if its safe to use new-style vendoring.

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