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Command gore

Yet another Go REPL that works nicely. Featured with line editing, code completion and more.


When started, a prompt is shown waiting for input. Enter any statement or expression to proceed. If an expression is given or any variables are assigned or defined, their data will be pretty-printed.

Some special functionalities are provided as commands, which starts with colons:

:import <package path>  Imports a package
:print                  Prints current source code
:write [<filename>]     Writes out current code
:doc <target>           Shows documentation for an expression or package name given
:help                   Lists commands
:quit                   Quit the session

Package Files

commands.go complete.go liner.go log.go main.go node.go quickfix.go terminal_unix.go utils.go


gocodePackage gocode is an interface to github.com/nsf/gocode.

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