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package rssbee

import ""

Package rssbee is a Bee for handling RSS feeds.


Package Files

rssbee.go rssbeefactory.go

type RSSBee Uses

type RSSBee struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

RSSBee is a Bee for handling RSS feeds.

func (*RSSBee) ReloadOptions Uses

func (mod *RSSBee) ReloadOptions(options bees.BeeOptions)

ReloadOptions parses the config options and initializes the Bee.

func (*RSSBee) Run Uses

func (mod *RSSBee) Run(cin chan bees.Event)

Run executes the Bee's event loop.

type RSSBeeFactory Uses

type RSSBeeFactory struct {

RSSBeeFactory is a factory for RSSBees.

func (*RSSBeeFactory) Description Uses

func (factory *RSSBeeFactory) Description() string

Description returns the description of this Bee.

func (*RSSBeeFactory) Events Uses

func (factory *RSSBeeFactory) Events() []bees.EventDescriptor

Events describes the available events provided by this Bee.

func (*RSSBeeFactory) ID Uses

func (factory *RSSBeeFactory) ID() string

ID returns the ID of this Bee.

func (*RSSBeeFactory) Image Uses

func (factory *RSSBeeFactory) Image() string

Image returns the filename of an image for this Bee.

func (*RSSBeeFactory) LogoColor Uses

func (factory *RSSBeeFactory) LogoColor() string

LogoColor returns the preferred logo background color (used by the admin interface).

func (*RSSBeeFactory) Name Uses

func (factory *RSSBeeFactory) Name() string

Name returns the name of this Bee.

func (*RSSBeeFactory) New Uses

func (factory *RSSBeeFactory) New(name, description string, options bees.BeeOptions) bees.BeeInterface

New returns a new Bee instance configured with the supplied options.

func (*RSSBeeFactory) Options Uses

func (factory *RSSBeeFactory) Options() []bees.BeeOptionDescriptor

Options returns the options available to configure this Bee.

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