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package gotable

import ""


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type Table Uses

type Table struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Table is a helper for printing data in sheet form

func NewTable Uses

func NewTable(headers []string, widths []int64, emptyText string) Table

NewTable returns a new table

func (*Table) AppendRow Uses

func (t *Table) AppendRow(row []interface{})

AppendRow adds a row to the end of the table

func (*Table) Print Uses

func (t *Table) Print() error

Print writes the entire table to stdout

func (*Table) PrintSummary Uses

func (t *Table) PrintSummary() error

PrintSummary writes the table summary to stdout

func (*Table) SetSummary Uses

func (t *Table) SetSummary(summary []interface{})

SetSummary sets a summary for this table, to be printed below the table



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