3: github.com/mumax/3


cmd/mumax3mumax3 main command
cmd/mumax3-convertmumax3-convert converts mumax3 output files to various formats and images.
cmd/mumax3-fftmumax3-fft performs a Fourier transform on mumax3 table output.
cmd/mumax3-httpfsdhttpfs server, useful for debugging mumax3-server.
cmd/mumax3-plotThe mumax3-plot utility uses gnuplot to automatically plot mumax3 data tables.
cmd/mumax3-scriptToy interpreter executes scripts or stdin.
cmd/mumax3-serverEasy-to-use cluster management tool for mumax3, with auto-configuration and web interface.
cudaPackage cuda provides GPU interaction
cuda/cuGo bindings for the CUDA driver API.
cuda/cufftGo bindings for the CUDA CUFFT API.
dataPackage data provides structures to store arrays in a hardware-agnostic (GPU-CPU) way.
docAutomatic generation of api.html based on template.
draw2D rendering of data slices.
dumplegacy dump data format.
engineengine does the simulation bookkeeping, I/O and GUI.
freetype/rasterThe raster package provides an anti-aliasing 2-D rasterizer.
httpfsPackage httpfs provides a (userspace) file system API over http.
magpackage mag provides magnetism-specific constants and the demag kernel.
oommfpackage oommf provides the OVF data format as used by OOMMF.
scriptpackage script provides a script interpreter for input files and GUI commands.
svgoPackage svg generates SVG as defined by the Scalable Vector Graphics 1.1 Specification (<http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/>).
utilpackage util provides common utilities for all other packages.

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