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Command mumax3-convert

mumax3-convert converts mumax3 output files to various formats and images. It also provides basic manipulations like data rescale etc.


Command-line flags must always preceed the input files:

mumax3-convert [flags] files

For a overview of flags, run:

mumax3-convert -help

Example: convert all .ovf files to PNG:

mumax3-convert -png *.ovf

For scalar data, the color scale is automatically stretched to cover the all values. The values corresponding to minimum and maximum color can be overridden by the -min and -max flags. Values falling outside of this range will be clipped. E.g.:

mumax3-convert -png -min=0 -max=1 file.ovf.

The default scalar color map is black,gray,white (minimum value maps to black, maximum to white). This can be overridden by -color. E.g., a rather colorful map:

mumax3-convert -png -color black,blue,cyan,green,yellow,red,white file.ovf

Example: resize data to a 32 x 32 x 1 mesh, normalize vectors to unit length and convert the result to OOMMF binary output:

mumax3-convert -resize 32x32x1 -normalize -ovf binary file.ovf

Example: convert all .ovf files to VTK binary saving only the X component. Also output to JPEG in the meanwhile:

mumax3-convert -comp 0 -vtk binary -jpg *.ovf

Example: convert legacy .dump files to .ovf:

mumax3-convert -ovf2 *.dump

Example: cut out a piece of the data between min:max. max is exclusive bound. bounds can be omitted, default to 0 lower bound or maximum upper bound

mumax3-convert -xrange 50:100 -yrange :100 file.ovf

Example: select the bottom layer

mumax3-convert -zrange :1 file.ovf

Output file names are automatically assigned.

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