cmdPackage cmd contains various facilities for the command line portion of Mutagen.
pkg/agentPackage agent provides facilities for extracting, installing, and connecting to agent binaries.
pkg/agent/transportsPackage transports provides agent transport implementations.
pkg/agent/transports/dockerPackage docker provides the Docker transport implementation.
pkg/agent/transports/docker/internalPackage internal provides internal utilities for the Docker transport.
pkg/agent/transports/docker/internal/dockerPackage docker provides utility functions for interfacing with Docker.
pkg/agent/transports/sshPackage ssh provides the SSH transport implementation.
pkg/agent/transports/ssh/internalPackage internal provides internal utilities for the SSH transport.
pkg/agent/transports/ssh/internal/sshPackage ssh provides utility functions for interfacing with OpenSSH.
pkg/compressionPackage compression provides simple compression facilities for wrapping streams.
pkg/configurationPackage configuration provides infrastructure for loading configuration information from human-readable formats.
pkg/configuration/forwardingPackage forwarding provides definitions for human-readable forwarding configuration files.
pkg/configuration/globalPackage global provides the infrastructure need to load global configuration files.
pkg/configuration/legacyPackage legacy provides the infrastructure for loading legacy TOML-based synchronization session configurations.
pkg/configuration/projectPackage project provides the infrastructure need to load project configuration files.
pkg/configuration/synchronizationPackage forwarding provides definitions for human-readable forwarding configuration files.
pkg/configuration/typesPackage types provides types useful for configuration file structures.
pkg/daemonPackage daemon provides facilities for daemon operation.
pkg/encodingPackage encoding provides safe, atomic utility methods for encoding/saving to disk and loading from disk/decoding of data in common formats.
pkg/filesystemPackage filesystem provides low-level race-free traversal mechanisms and modification operations for filesystems.
pkg/filesystem/behaviorPackage behavior provides filesystem behavior probing facilities.
pkg/filesystem/behavior/internal/formatPackage format provides filesystem format enumerations and querying functions.
pkg/filesystem/internal/syscallPackage syscall is an internal POSIX system call compatibility shim needed to ensure the availability of certain constants and functions across all supported POSIX platforms.
pkg/filesystem/lockingPackage locking provides a file locking type that is robust to abrupt process termination.
pkg/filesystem/watchingPackage watching provides a uniform interface to native filesystem watching facilities.
pkg/forwardingPackage forwarding provides forwarding infrastructure.
pkg/forwarding/endpointPackage endpoint provides forwarding endpoint implementations.
pkg/forwarding/endpoint/localPackage local provides a local forwarding endpoint implementation.
pkg/forwarding/endpoint/remotePackage remote provides a client/server architecture for connecting to and hosting a remote forwarding endpoint.
pkg/forwarding/endpoint/remote/internal/closewritePackage closewrite implements a simple framing protocol on top of connections to facilitate write closure (i.e.
pkg/forwarding/endpoint/remote/internal/monitorPackage monitor provides a net.Conn wrapper that can intercept read and write errors.
pkg/forwarding/protocolsPackage protocols provides forwarding session protocol handler implementations.
pkg/forwarding/protocols/dockerPackage docker provides the Docker forwarding session protocol implementation.
pkg/forwarding/protocols/localPackage local provides the local forwarding session protocol implementation.
pkg/forwarding/protocols/sshPackage ssh provides the SSH forwarding session protocol implementation.
pkg/forwarding/protocols/tunnelPackage tunnel provides a tunnel-based forwarding protocol implementation.
pkg/grpcutilPackage grpc provides utility functions for use with gRPC.
pkg/housekeepingPackage housekeeping provides automated cleanup facilities for the Mutagen data directory.
pkg/identifierPackage identifier provides collision-resistant string-based identifiers.
pkg/integrationPackage integration provides integration tests for Mutagen.
pkg/integration/fixtures/constantsPackage constants provides constants that are used by integration test fixtures.
pkg/integration/protocols/netpipePackage netpipe provides the Mutagen netpipe protocol implementation, which is an in-memory protocol that uses Mutagen's remote endpoint infrastructure over a net.Pipe.
pkg/ipcPackage ipc provides inter-process communication facilities.
pkg/loggingPackage logging provides logging facilities.
pkg/mutagenPackage mutagen provides common version and legal metadata for Mutagen.
pkg/mutagenioPackage mutagenio provides infrastructure for interfacing with
pkg/processPackage process provides additional utilities for launching and managing executable processes.
pkg/projectPackage provides project orchestration infrastructure.
pkg/promptingPackage prompt provides facilities for classifying prompts, displaying prompts, and coordinating prompters.
pkg/randomPackage random provides cryptographically random values.
pkg/selectionPackage selection provides the infrastructure for labelling and selecting objects.
pkg/statePackage state provides index-based state change tracking facilities.
pkg/synchronizationPackage session provides session management facilities, including the core synchronization loop logic.
pkg/synchronization/corePackage sync provides the core data structures and algorithms used by Mutagen.
pkg/synchronization/endpointPackage endpoint provides synchronization endpoint implementations.
pkg/synchronization/endpoint/localPackage local provides a local synchronization endpoint implementation.
pkg/synchronization/endpoint/remotePackage remote provides a client/server architecture for connecting to and hosting a remote synchronization endpoint.
pkg/synchronization/protocolsPackage protocols provides synchronization session protocol handler implementations.
pkg/synchronization/protocols/dockerPackage docker provides the Docker synchronization session protocol implementation.
pkg/synchronization/protocols/localPackage local provides the local synchronization session protocol implementation.
pkg/synchronization/protocols/sshPackage ssh provides the SSH synchronization session protocol implementation.
pkg/synchronization/protocols/tunnelPackage tunnel provides a tunnel-based synchronization protocol implementation.
pkg/synchronization/rsyncPackage rsync provides an implementation of the rsync algorithm as described in Andrew Tridgell's thesis ( and the rsync technical report (
pkg/tunnelingPackage tunnel provides tunnel infrastructure.
pkg/tunneling/webrtcutilPackage webrtcutil provides utilities to complement
pkg/urlPackage url provides facilities for parsing and formatting Mutagen's URL formats.
pkg/url/forwardingPackage forwarding provides the URL parsing routines for forwarding sub-URLs.

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