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package ses

import ""


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doc.go events.go

type CommonHeaders Uses

type CommonHeaders struct {
    ReturnPath string   `json:"returnPath"`
    From       []string `json:"from"`
    Date       string   `json:"date"`
    To         []string `json:"to"`
    MessageID  string   `json:"messageId"`
    Subject    string   `json:"subject"`

CommonHeaders mail data

type Event Uses

type Event struct {
    Records []EventRecord

Event data

type EventRecord Uses

type EventRecord struct {
    Source  string `json:"eventSource"`
    Version string `json:"eventVersion"`
    SES     SES    `json:"ses"`

EventRecord event data

type Header struct {
    Name  string `json:"name"`
    Value string `json:"value"`

Header mail data

type Mail Uses

type Mail struct {
    Timestamp        string        `json:"timestamp"`
    Source           string        `json:"source"`
    MessageID        string        `json:"messageId"`
    Destination      []string      `json:"destination"`
    HeadersTruncated bool          `json:"headersTruncated"`
    Headers          []Header      `json:"headers"`
    CommonHeaders    CommonHeaders `json:"commonHeaders"`
    Receipt          Receipt       `json:"receipt"`

Mail event data

type Receipt Uses

type Receipt struct {
    Timestamp            string   `json:"timestamp"`
    ProcessingTimeMillis uint64   `json:"processingTimeMillis"`
    Receipients          []string `json:"recipients"`
    SpamVerdict          Verdict  `json:"spamVerdict"`
    VirusVerdict         Verdict  `json:"virusVerdict"`
    SPFVerdict           Verdict  `json:"spfVerdict"`
    DKIMVerdict          Verdict  `json:"dkimVerdict"`

Receipt mail data

type SES Uses

type SES struct {
    Mail Mail `json:"mail"`

SES event information

type Verdict Uses

type Verdict struct {
    Status string `json:"status"`

Verdict result data

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