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package types

import ""


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var TypeHandler = map[EventKind]func() interface{}{
    AppCreateKind: func() interface{} {

        return &struct {
            Metadata AppCreateMetadata `json:"metadata"`
    AppStopKind: func() interface{} {
        return &struct {
            Metadata AppStopEvent `json:"metadata"`
    AppDeleteKind: func() interface{} {
        return &struct {
            Metadata AppDeleteEvent `json:"metadata"`
    AppUpdateKind: func() interface{} {
        return &struct {
            Metadata AppUpdateEvent `json:"metadata"`
    AppSSHKind: func() interface{} {
        return &struct {
            Metadata AppSSHEvent `json:"metadata"`
    AppCrashKind: func() interface{} {
        return &struct {
            Metadata AppCrashEvent `json:"metadata"`

TypeHandler is our interface for typing the events API with the entity metadata by exploiting the JSON interface.

type AppCrashEvent Uses

type AppCrashEvent struct {
    Instance        int    `json:"instance"`
    Index           int    `json:"index"`
    ExitStatus      string `json:"exit_status"`
    ExitDescription string `json:"exit_description"`
    Reason          string `json:"reason"`

type AppCreateMetadata Uses

type AppCreateMetadata struct {
    Request struct {
        Name                  string `json:"name"`
        Instances             int    `json:"instances"`
        Memory                int    `json:"memory"`
        State                 string `json:"state"`
        EnvironmentJSON       string `json:"environment_json"`
        DockerCredentialsJSON string `json:"docker_credentials_json"`
    } `json:"request"`

type AppDeleteEvent Uses

type AppDeleteEvent struct {
    Recursive bool `json:"recursive"`

type AppEntity Uses

type AppEntity struct {
    Type             EventKind `json:"type"`
    Actor            string    `json:"actor"`
    ActorType        string    `json:"actor_type"`
    ActorName        string    `json:"actor_name"`
    Actee            string    `json:"actee"`
    ActeeType        string    `json:"actee_type"`
    ActeeName        string    `json:"actee_name"`
    Timestamp        string    `json:"timestamp"`
    SpaceGUID        string    `json:"space_guid"`
    OrganizationGUID string    `json:"organization_guid"`

AppEntity contains the common bits of an entity. It is embedded in AppEntityEnv.

type AppEntityEnv Uses

type AppEntityEnv struct {
    AppEntity             // embed this here, so we don't recurse in (*AppEntityEnv).UnmarshalJSON.
    Metadata  interface{} `json:"metadata"`

func (*AppEntityEnv) String Uses

func (a *AppEntityEnv) String() string

func (*AppEntityEnv) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (e *AppEntityEnv) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

type AppEvent Uses

type AppEvent struct {
    TotalResults int        `json:"total_results"`
    TotalPages   int        `json:"total_pages"`
    PrevURL      string     `json:"prev_url,omitempty"`
    NextURL      string     `json:"next_url,omitempty"`
    Resources    []Resource `json:"resources"`

AppEvent is the top-level object.

type AppSSHEvent Uses

type AppSSHEvent struct {
    Index int `json:"index"`

type AppStopEvent Uses

type AppStopEvent struct{}

type AppUpdateEvent Uses

type AppUpdateEvent struct {
    Name                  string `json:"name"`
    Instances             int    `json:"instances"`
    Memory                int    `json:"memory"`
    State                 string `json:"state"`
    EnvironmentJSON       string `json:"environment_json"`
    DockerCredentialsJSON string `json:"docker_credentials_json"`

type EventKind Uses

type EventKind int

EventKind is the type of auditing event from Cloud Foundry.

const (
    AppCreateKind EventKind = iota

func (*EventKind) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (ev *EventKind) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON maps an event to it's appropriate type so it can be unmarshalled more sanely.

type EventMetadata Uses

type EventMetadata struct {
    GUID      string    `json:"guid"`
    URL       string    `json:"url"`
    CreatedAt time.Time `json:"created_at"`
    UpdatedAt time.Time `json:"updated_at"`

type Request Uses

type Request struct {
    Name             string `json:"name"`
    OrganizationGUID string `json:"organization_guid"`
    AllowSSH         bool   `json:"allow_ssh"`

type Resource Uses

type Resource struct {
    Metadata EventMetadata `json:"metadata"`
    Entity   AppEntityEnv  `json:"entity"`

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