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Command logvac

Simple, lightweight, api-driven log aggregation service with realtime push capabilities and historical persistence.

To start logvac as a server, simply run:

logvac -s

For more specific usage information, refer to the help doc `logvac -h`:

  logvac [flags]
  logvac [command]

Available Commands:
  add-token   Add http publish/subscribe authentication token
  export      Export http publish/subscribe authentication tokens
  import      Import http publish/subscribe authentication tokens

  -A, --auth-address string   Address or file location of authentication db. ('boltdb:///var/db/logvac.bolt' or 'postgresql://') (default "boltdb:///var/db/log-auth.bolt")
  -c, --config-file string    config file location for server
  -C, --cors-allow string     Sets the 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header (default "*")
  -d, --db-address string     Log storage address (default "boltdb:///var/db/logvac.bolt")
  -i, --insecure              Don't use TLS (used for testing)
  -a, --listen-http string    API listen address (same endpoint for http log collection) (default "")
  -t, --listen-tcp string     TCP log collection endpoint (default "")
  -u, --listen-udp string     UDP log collection endpoint (default "")
  -k, --log-keep string       Age or number of logs to keep per type '{"app":"2w", "deploy": 10}' (int or X(m)in, (h)our,  (d)ay, (w)eek, (y)ear) (default "{\"app\":\"2w\"}")
  -l, --log-level string      Level at which to log (default "info")
  -L, --log-type string       Default type to apply to incoming logs (commonly used: app|deploy) (default "app")
  -p, --pub-address string    Log publisher (mist) address ("mist://")
  -P, --pub-auth string       Log publisher (mist) auth token
  -s, --server                Run as server
  -T, --token string          Administrative token to add/remove 'X-USER-TOKEN's used to pub/sub via http (default "secret")
  -v, --version               Print version info and exit

Package Files



apiPackage api handles the api routes and related funtionality.
authenticatorPackage authenticator handles the management of 'X-USER-TOKEN's, allowing an authorized admin to add, remove, and validate keys for http log collection.
collectorPackage collector initializes tcp, udp, and http servers for collecting logs.
configPackage config is a central location for configuration options.
corePackage logvac handles the adding, removing, and writing to drains.
drainPackage drain handles the storing and publishing of logs.

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