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package cmd

import "github.com/nanovms/ops/cmd"


Package Files

appendGlobalCmdFlagsToConfig.go build.go image.go instance.go load.go manifest.go net.go network.go network_linux.go package.go profile.go root.go run.go update.go utils.go version.go volume.go

func AppendGlobalCmdFlagsToConfig Uses

func AppendGlobalCmdFlagsToConfig(cmdFlags *pflag.FlagSet, config *lepton.Config)

AppendGlobalCmdFlagsToConfig append command flags that are used transversally for all commands to configuration

func BuildCommand Uses

func BuildCommand() *cobra.Command

BuildCommand helps you to build image from ELF

func GetRootCommand Uses

func GetRootCommand() *cobra.Command

GetRootCommand provides set all commands for Ops

func ImageCommands Uses

func ImageCommands() *cobra.Command

ImageCommands provides image related command on GCP

func InstanceCommands Uses

func InstanceCommands() *cobra.Command

InstanceCommands provides instance related commands

func LoadCommand Uses

func LoadCommand() *cobra.Command

LoadCommand helps you to run application with package

func ManifestCommand Uses

func ManifestCommand() *cobra.Command

ManifestCommand dumps manifest for binary file

func NetCommands Uses

func NetCommands() *cobra.Command

NetCommands provides net related commands

func PackageCommands Uses

func PackageCommands() *cobra.Command

PackageCommands gives package related commands

func ProfileCommand Uses

func ProfileCommand() *cobra.Command

ProfileCommand provides a profile command

func RunCommand Uses

func RunCommand() *cobra.Command

RunCommand provides support for running binary with nanos

func SubtractTimeNotation Uses

func SubtractTimeNotation(date time.Time, notation string) (newDate time.Time, err error)

SubtractTimeNotation subtracts time notation timestamp from date passed by argument

func UpdateCommand Uses

func UpdateCommand() *cobra.Command

UpdateCommand provides update related commands

func VersionCommand Uses

func VersionCommand() *cobra.Command

VersionCommand provides version command

func VolumeCommands Uses

func VolumeCommands() *cobra.Command

VolumeCommands handles volumes related operations

type Profile Uses

type Profile struct {
    OpsVersion   string
    NanosVersion string
    QemuVersion  string
    Arch         string
    Hypervisor   bool

Profile holds a particular host's configuration that is used to troubleshoot different environments. This is separate and different from a runtime cache.

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