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package pkcs7

import "github.com/ncw/rclone/backend/crypt/pkcs7"

Package pkcs7 implements PKCS#7 padding

This is a standard way of encoding variable length buffers into buffers which are a multiple of an underlying crypto block size.


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var (
    ErrorPaddingNotFound      = errors.New("Bad PKCS#7 padding - not padded")
    ErrorPaddingNotAMultiple  = errors.New("Bad PKCS#7 padding - not a multiple of blocksize")
    ErrorPaddingTooLong       = errors.New("Bad PKCS#7 padding - too long")
    ErrorPaddingTooShort      = errors.New("Bad PKCS#7 padding - too short")
    ErrorPaddingNotAllTheSame = errors.New("Bad PKCS#7 padding - not all the same")

Errors Unpad can return

func Pad Uses

func Pad(n int, buf []byte) []byte

Pad buf using PKCS#7 to a multiple of n.

Appends the padding to buf - make a copy of it first if you don't want it modified.

func Unpad Uses

func Unpad(n int, buf []byte) ([]byte, error)

Unpad buf using PKCS#7 from a multiple of n returning a slice of buf or an error if malformed.

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