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package local

import "github.com/ncw/rclone/backend/local"

Package local provides a filesystem interface


Package Files

about_unix.go encode_other.go fadvise_unix.go lchtimes_unix.go local.go read_device_unix.go remove_other.go

func NewFs Uses

func NewFs(name, root string, m configmap.Mapper) (fs.Fs, error)

NewFs constructs an Fs from the path

type Fs Uses

type Fs struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Fs represents a local filesystem rooted at root

func (*Fs) About Uses

func (f *Fs) About(ctx context.Context) (*fs.Usage, error)

About gets quota information

func (*Fs) Command Uses

func (f *Fs) Command(ctx context.Context, name string, arg []string, opt map[string]string) (interface{}, error)

Command the backend to run a named command

The command run is name args may be used to read arguments from opts may be used to read optional arguments from

The result should be capable of being JSON encoded If it is a string or a []string it will be shown to the user otherwise it will be JSON encoded and shown to the user like that

func (*Fs) DirMove Uses

func (f *Fs) DirMove(ctx context.Context, src fs.Fs, srcRemote, dstRemote string) error

DirMove moves src, srcRemote to this remote at dstRemote using server side move operations.

Will only be called if src.Fs().Name() == f.Name()

If it isn't possible then return fs.ErrorCantDirMove

If destination exists then return fs.ErrorDirExists

func (*Fs) Features Uses

func (f *Fs) Features() *fs.Features

Features returns the optional features of this Fs

func (*Fs) Hashes Uses

func (f *Fs) Hashes() hash.Set

Hashes returns the supported hash sets.

func (*Fs) List Uses

func (f *Fs) List(ctx context.Context, dir string) (entries fs.DirEntries, err error)

List the objects and directories in dir into entries. The entries can be returned in any order but should be for a complete directory.

dir should be "" to list the root, and should not have trailing slashes.

This should return ErrDirNotFound if the directory isn't found.

func (*Fs) Mkdir Uses

func (f *Fs) Mkdir(ctx context.Context, dir string) error

Mkdir creates the directory if it doesn't exist

func (*Fs) Move Uses

func (f *Fs) Move(ctx context.Context, src fs.Object, remote string) (fs.Object, error)

Move src to this remote using server side move operations.

This is stored with the remote path given

It returns the destination Object and a possible error

Will only be called if src.Fs().Name() == f.Name()

If it isn't possible then return fs.ErrorCantMove

func (*Fs) Name Uses

func (f *Fs) Name() string

Name of the remote (as passed into NewFs)

func (*Fs) NewObject Uses

func (f *Fs) NewObject(ctx context.Context, remote string) (fs.Object, error)

NewObject finds the Object at remote. If it can't be found it returns the error ErrorObjectNotFound.

func (*Fs) OpenWriterAt Uses

func (f *Fs) OpenWriterAt(ctx context.Context, remote string, size int64) (fs.WriterAtCloser, error)

OpenWriterAt opens with a handle for random access writes

Pass in the remote desired and the size if known.

It truncates any existing object

func (*Fs) Precision Uses

func (f *Fs) Precision() (precision time.Duration)

Precision of the file system

func (*Fs) Purge Uses

func (f *Fs) Purge(ctx context.Context, dir string) error

Purge deletes all the files in the directory

Optional interface: Only implement this if you have a way of deleting all the files quicker than just running Remove() on the result of List()

func (*Fs) Put Uses

func (f *Fs) Put(ctx context.Context, in io.Reader, src fs.ObjectInfo, options ...fs.OpenOption) (fs.Object, error)

Put the Object to the local filesystem

func (*Fs) PutStream Uses

func (f *Fs) PutStream(ctx context.Context, in io.Reader, src fs.ObjectInfo, options ...fs.OpenOption) (fs.Object, error)

PutStream uploads to the remote path with the modTime given of indeterminate size

func (*Fs) Rmdir Uses

func (f *Fs) Rmdir(ctx context.Context, dir string) error

Rmdir removes the directory

If it isn't empty it will return an error

func (*Fs) Root Uses

func (f *Fs) Root() string

Root of the remote (as passed into NewFs)

func (*Fs) String Uses

func (f *Fs) String() string

String converts this Fs to a string

type Object Uses

type Object struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Object represents a local filesystem object

func (*Object) Fs Uses

func (o *Object) Fs() fs.Info

Fs returns the parent Fs

func (*Object) Hash Uses

func (o *Object) Hash(ctx context.Context, r hash.Type) (string, error)

Hash returns the requested hash of a file as a lowercase hex string

func (*Object) ModTime Uses

func (o *Object) ModTime(ctx context.Context) time.Time

ModTime returns the modification time of the object

func (*Object) Open Uses

func (o *Object) Open(ctx context.Context, options ...fs.OpenOption) (in io.ReadCloser, err error)

Open an object for read

func (*Object) Remote Uses

func (o *Object) Remote() string

Remote returns the remote path

func (*Object) Remove Uses

func (o *Object) Remove(ctx context.Context) error

Remove an object

func (*Object) SetModTime Uses

func (o *Object) SetModTime(ctx context.Context, modTime time.Time) error

SetModTime sets the modification time of the local fs object

func (*Object) Size Uses

func (o *Object) Size() int64

Size returns the size of an object in bytes

func (*Object) Storable Uses

func (o *Object) Storable() bool

Storable returns a boolean showing if this object is storable

func (*Object) String Uses

func (o *Object) String() string

Return a string version

func (*Object) Update Uses

func (o *Object) Update(ctx context.Context, in io.Reader, src fs.ObjectInfo, options ...fs.OpenOption) (err error)

Update the object from in with modTime and size

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    FollowSymlinks    bool                 `config:"copy_links"`
    TranslateSymlinks bool                 `config:"links"`
    SkipSymlinks      bool                 `config:"skip_links"`
    NoUTFNorm         bool                 `config:"no_unicode_normalization"`
    NoCheckUpdated    bool                 `config:"no_check_updated"`
    NoUNC             bool                 `config:"nounc"`
    OneFileSystem     bool                 `config:"one_file_system"`
    CaseSensitive     bool                 `config:"case_sensitive"`
    CaseInsensitive   bool                 `config:"case_insensitive"`
    NoSparse          bool                 `config:"no_sparse"`
    NoSetModTime      bool                 `config:"no_set_modtime"`
    Enc               encoder.MultiEncoder `config:"encoding"`

Options defines the configuration for this backend

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