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package api

import "github.com/ncw/rclone/backend/sharefile/api"

Package api contains definitions for using the premiumize.me API


Package Files



const (
    ItemTypeFolder = "ShareFile.Api.Models.Folder"
    ItemTypeFile   = "ShareFile.Api.Models.File"

Item Types

const ListRequestSelect = "odata.count,FileCount,Name,FileName,CreationDate,IsHidden,FileSizeBytes,odata.type,Id,Hash,ClientModifiedDate"

ListRequestSelect should be used in $select for Items/Children

type DownloadSpecification Uses

type DownloadSpecification struct {
    Token    string `json:"DownloadToken"`
    URL      string `json:"DownloadUrl"`
    Metadata string `json:"odata.metadata"`
    Type     string `json:"odata.type"`

DownloadSpecification is the response to /Items/Download

type Error Uses

type Error struct {
    Code    string `json:"code"`
    Message struct {
        Lang  string `json:"lang"`
        Value string `json:"value"`
    }   `json:"message"`
    Reason string `json:"reason"`

Error is an odata error return

func (*Error) Error Uses

func (e *Error) Error() string

Satisfy error interface

type Item Uses

type Item struct {
    FileCount  int32     `json:"FileCount,omitempty"`
    Name       string    `json:"Name,omitempty"`
    FileName   string    `json:"FileName,omitempty"`
    CreatedAt  time.Time `json:"CreationDate,omitempty"`
    ModifiedAt time.Time `json:"ClientModifiedDate,omitempty"`
    IsHidden   bool      `json:"IsHidden,omitempty"`
    Size       int64     `json:"FileSizeBytes,omitempty"`
    Type       string    `json:"odata.type,omitempty"`
    ID         string    `json:"Id,omitempty"`
    Hash       string    `json:"Hash,omitempty"`

Item refers to a file or folder

type ListResponse Uses

type ListResponse struct {
    OdataCount int    `json:"odata.count"`
    Value      []Item `json:"value"`

ListResponse is returned from the Items/Children call

type Parent Uses

type Parent struct {
    ID string `json:"Id,omitempty"`

Parent is the ID of the parent folder

type UpdateItemRequest Uses

type UpdateItemRequest struct {
    Name           string     `json:"Name,omitempty"`
    FileName       string     `json:"FileName,omitempty"`
    Description    string     `json:"Description,omitempty"`
    ExpirationDate *time.Time `json:"ExpirationDate,omitempty"`
    Parent         *Parent    `json:"Parent,omitempty"`
    Zone           *Zone      `json:"Zone,omitempty"`
    ModifiedAt     *time.Time `json:"ClientModifiedDate,omitempty"`

UpdateItemRequest is sent to PATCH /v3/Items(id)

type UploadFinishResponse Uses

type UploadFinishResponse struct {
    Error        bool   `json:"error"`
    ErrorMessage string `json:"errorMessage"`
    ErrorCode    int    `json:"errorCode"`
    Value        []struct {
        UploadID    string `json:"uploadid"`
        ParentID    string `json:"parentid"`
        ID          string `json:"id"`
        StreamID    string `json:"streamid"`
        FileName    string `json:"filename"`
        DisplayName string `json:"displayname"`
        Size        int    `json:"size"`
        Md5         string `json:"md5"`
    }   `json:"value"`

UploadFinishResponse is returns from calling UploadSpecification.FinishURI

func (*UploadFinishResponse) ID Uses

func (finish *UploadFinishResponse) ID() (string, error)

ID returns the ID of the first response if available

type UploadRequest Uses

type UploadRequest struct {
    Method         string    `json:"method"`                   // Upload method: one of: standard, streamed or threaded
    Raw            bool      `json:"raw"`                      // Raw post if true or MIME upload if false
    Filename       string    `json:"fileName"`                 // Uploaded item file name.
    Filesize       *int64    `json:"fileSize,omitempty"`       // Uploaded item file size.
    Overwrite      bool      `json:"overwrite"`                // Indicates whether items with the same name will be overwritten or not.
    CreatedDate    time.Time `json:"ClientCreatedDate"`        // Created Date of this Item.
    ModifiedDate   time.Time `json:"ClientModifiedDate"`       // Modified Date of this Item.
    BatchID        string    `json:"batchId,omitempty"`        // Indicates part of a batch. Batched uploads do not send notification until the whole batch is completed.
    BatchLast      *bool     `json:"batchLast,omitempty"`      // Indicates is the last in a batch. Upload notifications for the whole batch are sent after this upload.
    CanResume      *bool     `json:"canResume,omitempty"`      // Indicates uploader supports resume.
    StartOver      *bool     `json:"startOver,omitempty"`      // Indicates uploader wants to restart the file - i.e., ignore previous failed upload attempts.
    Tool           string    `json:"tool,omitempty"`           // Identifies the uploader tool.
    Title          string    `json:"title,omitempty"`          // Item Title
    Details        string    `json:"details,omitempty"`        // Item description
    IsSend         *bool     `json:"isSend,omitempty"`         // Indicates that this upload is part of a Send operation
    SendGUID       string    `json:"sendGuid,omitempty"`       // Used if IsSend is true. Specifies which Send operation this upload is part of.
    OpID           string    `json:"opid,omitempty"`           // Used for Asynchronous copy/move operations - called by Zones to push files to other Zones
    ThreadCount    *int      `json:"threadCount,omitempty"`    // Specifies the number of threads the threaded uploader will use. Only used is method is threaded, ignored otherwise
    Notify         *bool     `json:"notify,omitempty"`         // Indicates whether users will be notified of this upload - based on folder preferences
    ExpirationDays *int      `json:"expirationDays,omitempty"` // File expiration days
    BaseFileID     string    `json:"baseFileId,omitempty"`     // Used to check conflict in file during File Upload.

UploadRequest is set to /Items/Upload2 to receive an UploadSpecification

type UploadSpecification Uses

type UploadSpecification struct {
    Method             string `json:"Method"`             // The Upload method that must be used for this upload
    PrepareURI         string `json:"PrepareUri"`         // If provided, clients must issue a request to this Uri before uploading any data.
    ChunkURI           string `json:"ChunkUri"`           // Specifies the URI the client must send the file data to
    FinishURI          string `json:"FinishUri"`          // If provided, specifies the final call the client must perform to finish the upload process
    ProgressData       string `json:"ProgressData"`       // Allows the client to check progress of standard uploads
    IsResume           bool   `json:"IsResume"`           // Specifies a Resumable upload is supported.
    ResumeIndex        int64  `json:"ResumeIndex"`        // Specifies the initial index for resuming, if IsResume is true.
    ResumeOffset       int64  `json:"ResumeOffset"`       // Specifies the initial file offset by bytes, if IsResume is true
    ResumeFileHash     string `json:"ResumeFileHash"`     // Specifies the MD5 hash of the first ResumeOffset bytes of the partial file found at the server
    MaxNumberOfThreads int    `json:"MaxNumberOfThreads"` // Specifies the max number of chunks that can be sent simultaneously for threaded uploads

UploadSpecification is returned from /Items/Upload

type Zone Uses

type Zone struct {
    ID string `json:"Id,omitempty"`

Zone is where the data is stored

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