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package api

import "github.com/ncw/rclone/backend/yandex/api"


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type AsyncInfo Uses

type AsyncInfo struct {
    HRef      string `json:"href"`
    Method    string `json:"method"`
    Templated bool   `json:"templated"`

AsyncInfo struct is returned by the API for various async operations.

type AsyncStatus Uses

type AsyncStatus struct {
    Status string `json:"status"`

AsyncStatus is returned when requesting the status of an async operations. Possible values in-progress, success, failure

type CustomPropertyResponse Uses

type CustomPropertyResponse struct {
    CustomProperties map[string]interface{} `json:"custom_properties"`

CustomPropertyResponse struct we send and is returned by the API for CustomProperty request.

type DiskInfo Uses

type DiskInfo struct {
    TotalSpace int64 `json:"total_space"`
    UsedSpace  int64 `json:"used_space"`
    TrashSize  int64 `json:"trash_size"`

DiskInfo contains disk metadata

type ErrorResponse Uses

type ErrorResponse struct {
    ErrorName   string `json:"error"`
    Description string `json:"description"`
    Message     string `json:"message"`

    StatusCode int `json:""`

ErrorResponse represents erroneous API response. Implements go's built in `error`.

func (*ErrorResponse) Error Uses

func (e *ErrorResponse) Error() string

type ResourceInfoRequestOptions Uses

type ResourceInfoRequestOptions struct {
    SortMode *SortMode
    Limit    uint64
    Offset   uint64
    Fields   []string

ResourceInfoRequestOptions struct

type ResourceInfoResponse Uses

type ResourceInfoResponse struct {
    PublicKey        string                 `json:"public_key"`
    Name             string                 `json:"name"`
    Created          string                 `json:"created"`
    CustomProperties map[string]interface{} `json:"custom_properties"`
    Preview          string                 `json:"preview"`
    PublicURL        string                 `json:"public_url"`
    OriginPath       string                 `json:"origin_path"`
    Modified         string                 `json:"modified"`
    Path             string                 `json:"path"`
    Md5              string                 `json:"md5"`
    ResourceType     string                 `json:"type"`
    MimeType         string                 `json:"mime_type"`
    Size             int64                  `json:"size"`
    Embedded         *ResourceListResponse  `json:"_embedded"`

ResourceInfoResponse struct is returned by the API for metadata requests.

type ResourceListResponse Uses

type ResourceListResponse struct {
    Sort      *SortMode              `json:"sort"`
    PublicKey string                 `json:"public_key"`
    Items     []ResourceInfoResponse `json:"items"`
    Path      string                 `json:"path"`
    Limit     *uint64                `json:"limit"`
    Offset    *uint64                `json:"offset"`
    Total     *uint64                `json:"total"`

ResourceListResponse struct

type SortMode Uses

type SortMode struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

SortMode struct - sort mode

func (*SortMode) ByCreated Uses

func (m *SortMode) ByCreated() *SortMode

ByCreated - sort mode

func (*SortMode) ByModified Uses

func (m *SortMode) ByModified() *SortMode

ByModified - sort mode

func (*SortMode) ByName Uses

func (m *SortMode) ByName() *SortMode

ByName - sort mode

func (*SortMode) ByPath Uses

func (m *SortMode) ByPath() *SortMode

ByPath - sort mode

func (*SortMode) BySize Uses

func (m *SortMode) BySize() *SortMode

BySize - sort mode

func (*SortMode) Default Uses

func (m *SortMode) Default() *SortMode

Default - sort mode

func (*SortMode) Reverse Uses

func (m *SortMode) Reverse() *SortMode

Reverse - sort mode

func (*SortMode) String Uses

func (m *SortMode) String() string

func (*SortMode) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (m *SortMode) UnmarshalJSON(value []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON sort mode

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