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package mounttest

import "github.com/ncw/rclone/cmd/mountlib/mounttest"


Package Files

dir.go edge_cases.go file.go fs.go read.go read_unix.go write.go write_unix.go

func FIXMETestWriteOpenFileInDirListing Uses

func FIXMETestWriteOpenFileInDirListing(t *testing.T)

FIXMETestWriteOpenFileInDirListing tests open file in directory listing

func RunTests Uses

func RunTests(t *testing.T, fn MountFn)

RunTests runs all the tests against all the VFS cache modes

func TestDirCacheFlush Uses

func TestDirCacheFlush(t *testing.T)

TestDirCacheFlush tests fluching the dir cache

func TestDirCacheFlushOnDirRename Uses

func TestDirCacheFlushOnDirRename(t *testing.T)

TestDirCacheFlushOnDirRename tests flushing the dir cache on rename

func TestDirCreateAndRemoveDir Uses

func TestDirCreateAndRemoveDir(t *testing.T)

TestDirCreateAndRemoveDir tests creating and removing a directory

func TestDirCreateAndRemoveFile Uses

func TestDirCreateAndRemoveFile(t *testing.T)

TestDirCreateAndRemoveFile tests creating and removing a file

func TestDirLs Uses

func TestDirLs(t *testing.T)

TestDirLs checks out listing

func TestDirModTime Uses

func TestDirModTime(t *testing.T)

TestDirModTime tests mod times

func TestDirRenameEmptyDir Uses

func TestDirRenameEmptyDir(t *testing.T)

TestDirRenameEmptyDir tests renaming and empty directory

func TestDirRenameFile Uses

func TestDirRenameFile(t *testing.T)

TestDirRenameFile tests renaming a file

func TestDirRenameFullDir Uses

func TestDirRenameFullDir(t *testing.T)

TestDirRenameFullDir tests renaming a full directory

func TestFileModTime Uses

func TestFileModTime(t *testing.T)

TestFileModTime tests mod times on files

func TestFileModTimeWithOpenWriters Uses

func TestFileModTimeWithOpenWriters(t *testing.T)

TestFileModTimeWithOpenWriters tests mod time on open files

func TestMount Uses

func TestMount(t *testing.T)

TestMount checks that the Fs is mounted by seeing if the mountpoint is in the mount output

func TestReadByByte Uses

func TestReadByByte(t *testing.T)

TestReadByByte reads by byte including don't read any bytes

func TestReadChecksum Uses

func TestReadChecksum(t *testing.T)

TestReadChecksum checks the checksum reading is working

func TestReadFileDoubleClose Uses

func TestReadFileDoubleClose(t *testing.T)

TestReadFileDoubleClose tests double close on read

func TestReadSeek Uses

func TestReadSeek(t *testing.T)

TestReadSeek test seeking

func TestRenameOpenHandle Uses

func TestRenameOpenHandle(t *testing.T)

TestRenameOpenHandle checks that a file with open writers is successfully renamed after all writers close. See https://github.com/rclone/rclone/issues/2130

func TestRoot Uses

func TestRoot(t *testing.T)

TestRoot checks root directory is present and correct

func TestTouchAndDelete Uses

func TestTouchAndDelete(t *testing.T)

TestTouchAndDelete checks that writing a zero byte file and immediately deleting it is not racy. See https://github.com/rclone/rclone/issues/1181

func TestWriteFileDoubleClose Uses

func TestWriteFileDoubleClose(t *testing.T)

TestWriteFileDoubleClose tests double close on write

func TestWriteFileFsync Uses

func TestWriteFileFsync(t *testing.T)

TestWriteFileFsync tests Fsync

NB the code for this is in file.go rather than write.go

func TestWriteFileNoWrite Uses

func TestWriteFileNoWrite(t *testing.T)

TestWriteFileNoWrite tests writing a file with no write()'s to it

func TestWriteFileOverwrite Uses

func TestWriteFileOverwrite(t *testing.T)

TestWriteFileOverwrite tests overwriting a file

func TestWriteFileWrite Uses

func TestWriteFileWrite(t *testing.T)

TestWriteFileWrite tests writing a file and reading it back

type MountFn Uses

type MountFn func(f fs.Fs, mountpoint string) (*vfs.VFS, <-chan error, func() error, error)

MountFn is called to mount the file system

type Run Uses

type Run struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Run holds the remotes for a test run

func (*Run) Finalise Uses

func (r *Run) Finalise()

Finalise cleans the remote and unmounts

type UnmountFn Uses

type UnmountFn func() error

UnmountFn is called to unmount the file system

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