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package upnpav

import "github.com/ncw/rclone/cmd/serve/dlna/upnpav"


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const (
    // NoSuchObjectErrorCode : The specified ObjectID is invalid.
    NoSuchObjectErrorCode = 701

type Container Uses

type Container struct {
    XMLName    xml.Name `xml:"container"`
    ChildCount *int     `xml:"childCount,attr"`

Container description

type Item Uses

type Item struct {
    XMLName  xml.Name `xml:"item"`
    Res      []Resource
    InnerXML string `xml:",innerxml"`

Item description

type Object Uses

type Object struct {
    ID          string    `xml:"id,attr"`
    ParentID    string    `xml:"parentID,attr"`
    Restricted  int       `xml:"restricted,attr"` // indicates whether the object is modifiable
    Class       string    `xml:"upnp:class"`
    Icon        string    `xml:"upnp:icon,omitempty"`
    Title       string    `xml:"dc:title"`
    Date        Timestamp `xml:"dc:date"`
    Artist      string    `xml:"upnp:artist,omitempty"`
    Album       string    `xml:"upnp:album,omitempty"`
    Genre       string    `xml:"upnp:genre,omitempty"`
    AlbumArtURI string    `xml:"upnp:albumArtURI,omitempty"`
    Searchable  int       `xml:"searchable,attr"`

Object description

type Resource Uses

type Resource struct {
    XMLName      xml.Name `xml:"res"`
    ProtocolInfo string   `xml:"protocolInfo,attr"`
    URL          string   `xml:",chardata"`
    Size         uint64   `xml:"size,attr,omitempty"`
    Bitrate      uint     `xml:"bitrate,attr,omitempty"`
    Duration     string   `xml:"duration,attr,omitempty"`
    Resolution   string   `xml:"resolution,attr,omitempty"`

Resource description

type Timestamp Uses

type Timestamp struct {

Timestamp wraps time.Time for formatting purposes

func (Timestamp) MarshalXML Uses

func (t Timestamp) MarshalXML(e *xml.Encoder, start xml.StartElement) error

MarshalXML formats the Timestamp per DIDL-Lite spec

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