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package fspath

import "github.com/ncw/rclone/fs/fspath"

Package fspath contains routines for fspath manipulation


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var Matcher = regexp.MustCompile(`^(:?[\w_ -]+):(.*)$`)

Matcher is a pattern to match an rclone URL

func JoinRootPath Uses

func JoinRootPath(elem ...string) string

JoinRootPath joins any number of path elements into a single path, adding a separating slash if necessary. The result is Cleaned; in particular, all empty strings are ignored. If the first non empty element has a leading "//" this is preserved.

func Parse Uses

func Parse(path string) (configName, fsPath string)

Parse deconstructs a remote path into configName and fsPath

If the path is a local path then configName will be returned as "".

So "remote:path/to/dir" will return "remote", "path/to/dir" and "/path/to/local" will return ("", "/path/to/local")

Note that this will turn \ into / in the fsPath on Windows

func Split Uses

func Split(remote string) (parent string, leaf string)

Split splits a remote into a parent and a leaf

if it returns leaf as an empty string then remote is a directory

if it returns parent as an empty string then that means the current directory

The returned values have the property that parent + leaf == remote (except under Windows where \ will be translated into /)

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