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package mockfs

import "github.com/ncw/rclone/fstest/mockfs"


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var ErrNotImplemented = errors.New("not implemented")

ErrNotImplemented is returned by unimplemented methods

type Fs Uses

type Fs struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Fs is a minimal mock Fs

func NewFs Uses

func NewFs(name, root string) *Fs

NewFs returns a new mock Fs

func (*Fs) Features Uses

func (f *Fs) Features() *fs.Features

Features returns the optional features of this Fs

func (*Fs) Hashes Uses

func (f *Fs) Hashes() hash.Set

Hashes returns the supported hash types of the filesystem

func (*Fs) List Uses

func (f *Fs) List(dir string) (entries fs.DirEntries, err error)

List the objects and directories in dir into entries. The entries can be returned in any order but should be for a complete directory.

dir should be "" to list the root, and should not have trailing slashes.

This should return ErrDirNotFound if the directory isn't found.

func (*Fs) Mkdir Uses

func (f *Fs) Mkdir(dir string) error

Mkdir makes the directory (container, bucket)

Shouldn't return an error if it already exists

func (*Fs) Name Uses

func (f *Fs) Name() string

Name of the remote (as passed into NewFs)

func (*Fs) NewObject Uses

func (f *Fs) NewObject(remote string) (fs.Object, error)

NewObject finds the Object at remote. If it can't be found it returns the error ErrorObjectNotFound.

func (*Fs) Precision Uses

func (f *Fs) Precision() time.Duration

Precision of the ModTimes in this Fs

func (*Fs) Put Uses

func (f *Fs) Put(in io.Reader, src fs.ObjectInfo, options ...fs.OpenOption) (fs.Object, error)

Put in to the remote path with the modTime given of the given size

May create the object even if it returns an error - if so will return the object and the error, otherwise will return nil and the error

func (*Fs) Rmdir Uses

func (f *Fs) Rmdir(dir string) error

Rmdir removes the directory (container, bucket) if empty

Return an error if it doesn't exist or isn't empty

func (*Fs) Root Uses

func (f *Fs) Root() string

Root of the remote (as passed into NewFs)

func (*Fs) String Uses

func (f *Fs) String() string

String returns a description of the FS

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