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package vfscommon

import "github.com/ncw/rclone/vfs/vfscommon"


Package Files

cachemode.go options.go path.go


var DefaultOpt = Options{
    NoModTime:         false,
    NoChecksum:        false,
    NoSeek:            false,
    DirCacheTime:      5 * 60 * time.Second,
    PollInterval:      time.Minute,
    ReadOnly:          false,
    Umask:             0,
    UID:               ^uint32(0),
    GID:               ^uint32(0),
    DirPerms:          os.FileMode(0777),
    FilePerms:         os.FileMode(0666),
    CacheMode:         CacheModeOff,
    CacheMaxAge:       3600 * time.Second,
    CachePollInterval: 60 * time.Second,
    ChunkSize:         128 * fs.MebiByte,
    ChunkSizeLimit:    -1,
    CacheMaxSize:      -1,
    CaseInsensitive:   runtime.GOOS == "windows" || runtime.GOOS == "darwin",
    WriteWait:         1000 * time.Millisecond,
    ReadWait:          20 * time.Millisecond,
    WriteBack:         5 * time.Second,

DefaultOpt is the default values uses for Opt

func FindParent Uses

func FindParent(name string) string

FindParent returns the parent directory of name, or "" for the root for rclone paths.

func OsFindParent Uses

func OsFindParent(name string) string

OsFindParent returns the parent directory of name, or "" for the root for OS native paths.

type CacheMode Uses

type CacheMode byte

CacheMode controls the functionality of the cache

const (
    CacheModeOff     CacheMode = iota // cache nothing - return errors for writes which can't be satisfied
    CacheModeMinimal                  // cache only the minimum, eg read/write opens
    CacheModeWrites                   // cache all files opened with write intent
    CacheModeFull                     // cache all files opened in any mode

CacheMode options

func (*CacheMode) Set Uses

func (l *CacheMode) Set(s string) error

Set a CacheMode

func (CacheMode) String Uses

func (l CacheMode) String() string

String turns a CacheMode into a string

func (*CacheMode) Type Uses

func (l *CacheMode) Type() string

Type of the value

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    NoSeek            bool          // don't allow seeking if set
    NoChecksum        bool          // don't check checksums if set
    ReadOnly          bool          // if set VFS is read only
    NoModTime         bool          // don't read mod times for files
    DirCacheTime      time.Duration // how long to consider directory listing cache valid
    PollInterval      time.Duration
    Umask             int
    UID               uint32
    GID               uint32
    DirPerms          os.FileMode
    FilePerms         os.FileMode
    ChunkSize         fs.SizeSuffix // if > 0 read files in chunks
    ChunkSizeLimit    fs.SizeSuffix // if > ChunkSize double the chunk size after each chunk until reached
    CacheMode         CacheMode
    CacheMaxAge       time.Duration
    CacheMaxSize      fs.SizeSuffix
    CachePollInterval time.Duration
    CaseInsensitive   bool
    WriteWait         time.Duration // time to wait for in-sequence write
    ReadWait          time.Duration // time to wait for in-sequence read
    WriteBack         time.Duration // time to wait before writing back dirty files

Options is options for creating the vfs

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