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package container

import ""


Package Files

docker_build.go docker_common.go docker_images.go docker_pull.go docker_run.go

func ImageExistsLocally Uses

func ImageExistsLocally(ctx context.Context, imageName string) (bool, error)

ImageExistsLocally returns a boolean indicating if an image with the requested name (and tag) exist in the local docker image store

func NewDockerBuildExecutor Uses

func NewDockerBuildExecutor(input NewDockerBuildExecutorInput) common.Executor

NewDockerBuildExecutor function to create a run executor for the container

func NewDockerPullExecutor Uses

func NewDockerPullExecutor(input NewDockerPullExecutorInput) common.Executor

NewDockerPullExecutor function to create a run executor for the container

func NewDockerRunExecutor Uses

func NewDockerRunExecutor(input NewDockerRunExecutorInput) common.Executor

NewDockerRunExecutor function to create a run executor for the container

type DockerExecutorInput Uses

type DockerExecutorInput struct {
    Ctx    context.Context
    Logger *logrus.Entry
    Dryrun bool

DockerExecutorInput common input params

type NewDockerBuildExecutorInput Uses

type NewDockerBuildExecutorInput struct {
    ContextDir string
    ImageTag   string

NewDockerBuildExecutorInput the input for the NewDockerBuildExecutor function

type NewDockerPullExecutorInput Uses

type NewDockerPullExecutorInput struct {
    Image string

NewDockerPullExecutorInput the input for the NewDockerPullExecutor function

type NewDockerRunExecutorInput Uses

type NewDockerRunExecutorInput struct {
    Image           string
    Entrypoint      []string
    Cmd             []string
    WorkingDir      string
    Env             []string
    Binds           []string
    Content         map[string]io.Reader
    Volumes         []string
    Name            string
    ReuseContainers bool

NewDockerRunExecutorInput the input for the NewDockerRunExecutor function

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