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package packstream

import ""

Package packstream handles serialization of data sent to database server and deserialization of data received from database server.


Package Files

errors.go packer.go unpacker.go


const (
    PackedUndef = iota // Undefined must be zero!

type IoError Uses

type IoError struct{}

func (*IoError) Error Uses

func (e *IoError) Error() string

type OverflowError Uses

type OverflowError struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*OverflowError) Error Uses

func (e *OverflowError) Error() string

type Packer Uses

type Packer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Packer) ArrayHeader Uses

func (p *Packer) ArrayHeader(l int)

func (*Packer) Begin Uses

func (p *Packer) Begin(buf []byte)

func (*Packer) Bool Uses

func (p *Packer) Bool(b bool)

func (*Packer) Bytes Uses

func (p *Packer) Bytes(b []byte)

func (*Packer) End Uses

func (p *Packer) End() ([]byte, error)

func (*Packer) Float32 Uses

func (p *Packer) Float32(f float32)

func (*Packer) Float64 Uses

func (p *Packer) Float64(f float64)

func (*Packer) Float64s Uses

func (p *Packer) Float64s(ii []float64)

func (*Packer) Int Uses

func (p *Packer) Int(i int)

func (*Packer) Int16 Uses

func (p *Packer) Int16(i int16)

func (*Packer) Int32 Uses

func (p *Packer) Int32(i int32)

func (*Packer) Int64 Uses

func (p *Packer) Int64(i int64)

func (*Packer) Int64s Uses

func (p *Packer) Int64s(ii []int64)

func (*Packer) Int8 Uses

func (p *Packer) Int8(i int8)

func (*Packer) IntMap Uses

func (p *Packer) IntMap(m map[string]int)

func (*Packer) Ints Uses

func (p *Packer) Ints(ii []int)

func (*Packer) MapHeader Uses

func (p *Packer) MapHeader(l int)

func (*Packer) Nil Uses

func (p *Packer) Nil()

func (*Packer) String Uses

func (p *Packer) String(s string)

func (*Packer) StringMap Uses

func (p *Packer) StringMap(m map[string]string)

func (*Packer) Strings Uses

func (p *Packer) Strings(ss []string)

func (*Packer) StructHeader Uses

func (p *Packer) StructHeader(tag byte, num int)

func (*Packer) Uint16 Uses

func (p *Packer) Uint16(i uint16)

func (*Packer) Uint32 Uses

func (p *Packer) Uint32(i uint32)

func (*Packer) Uint64 Uses

func (p *Packer) Uint64(i uint64)

func (*Packer) Uint8 Uses

func (p *Packer) Uint8(i uint8)

type UnpackError Uses

type UnpackError struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*UnpackError) Error Uses

func (e *UnpackError) Error() string

type Unpacker Uses

type Unpacker struct {
    Err  error
    Curr int // Packed type
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Unpacker) Bool Uses

func (u *Unpacker) Bool() bool

func (*Unpacker) ByteArray Uses

func (u *Unpacker) ByteArray() []byte

func (*Unpacker) Float Uses

func (u *Unpacker) Float() float64

func (*Unpacker) Int Uses

func (u *Unpacker) Int() int64

func (*Unpacker) Len Uses

func (u *Unpacker) Len() uint32

func (*Unpacker) Next Uses

func (u *Unpacker) Next()

func (*Unpacker) Reset Uses

func (u *Unpacker) Reset(buf []byte)

func (*Unpacker) String Uses

func (u *Unpacker) String() string

func (*Unpacker) StructTag Uses

func (u *Unpacker) StructTag() byte

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