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package utils

import ""

This is an internal package and is not part of the public API.


Package Files


type Version Uses

type Version struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func VersionOf Uses

func VersionOf(server string) Version

func (Version) Equals Uses

func (version Version) Equals(other Version) bool

func (Version) GreaterThan Uses

func (version Version) GreaterThan(other Version) bool

func (Version) GreaterThanOrEqual Uses

func (version Version) GreaterThanOrEqual(other Version) bool

func (Version) LessThan Uses

func (version Version) LessThan(other Version) bool

func (Version) LessThanOrEqual Uses

func (version Version) LessThanOrEqual(other Version) bool

func (Version) String Uses

func (version Version) String() string



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