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package model

import ""


Package Files


type Agent Uses

type Agent struct {
    Host    string `json:"host"`
    Version string `json:"version"`
    PID     int    `json:"pid"`

Agent encapsulates the agent info

type MetricValue Uses

type MetricValue struct {
    Min          float64 `json:"min"`
    Max          float64 `json:"max"`
    Total        float64 `json:"total"`
    Count        int     `json:"count"`
    SumOfSquares float64 `json:"sum_of_squares"`

type PluginSnapshot Uses

type PluginSnapshot struct {
    Name        string                 `json:"name"`
    GUID        string                 `json:"guid"`
    DurationSec int                    `json:"duration"`
    Metrics     map[string]interface{} `json:"metrics"`

PluginSnapshot encapsulates the current, unset state of a component

type Request Uses

type Request struct {
    Agent   Agent            `json:"agent"`
    Plugins []PluginSnapshot `json:"components"`

Request is the container that holds a JSON request

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