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package logcontext

import "github.com/newrelic/go-agent/v3/integrations/logcontext"

Package logcontext facilitates adding New Relic context to your logs.

Adding New Relic context to your logs will allow you to see links between your events and traces in APM and your logs. If you are using a logging framework that does not already have a New Relic plugin for log decoration, use this package to manually add logging context.

See https://github.com/newrelic/newrelic-exporter-specs/tree/master/logging for a complete specification.


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const (
    KeyFile       = "file.name"
    KeyLevel      = "log.level"
    KeyLine       = "line.number"
    KeyMessage    = "message"
    KeyMethod     = "method.name"
    KeyTimestamp  = "timestamp"
    KeyTraceID    = "trace.id"
    KeySpanID     = "span.id"
    KeyEntityName = "entity.name"
    KeyEntityType = "entity.type"
    KeyEntityGUID = "entity.guid"
    KeyHostname   = "hostname"

Keys used for logging context JSON.

func AddLinkingMetadata Uses

func AddLinkingMetadata(m map[string]interface{}, md newrelic.LinkingMetadata)

AddLinkingMetadata adds the LinkingMetadata into a map. Only non-empty string fields are included in the map. The specific key names facilitate agent logs in context. These keys are: "trace.id", "span.id", "entity.name", "entity.type", "entity.guid", and "hostname".


nrlogruspluginPackage nrlogrusplugin decorates logs for sending to the New Relic backend.

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