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package awssupport

import "github.com/newrelic/go-agent/v3/internal/awssupport"


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func EndSegment Uses

func EndSegment(ctx context.Context, hdr http.Header)

EndSegment will end any segment found in the given context.

func GetRequestID Uses

func GetRequestID(hdr http.Header) string

GetRequestID looks for the AWS request ID header.

func StartSegment Uses

func StartSegment(input StartSegmentInputs) *http.Request

StartSegment starts a segment of either type DatastoreSegment or ExternalSegment given the serviceName provided. The segment is then added to the request context.

type StartSegmentInputs Uses

type StartSegmentInputs struct {
    HTTPRequest *http.Request
    ServiceName string
    Operation   string
    Region      string
    Params      interface{}

StartSegmentInputs is used as the input to StartSegment.

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