3nigm4: github.com/nexocrew/3nigm4


lib/authPackage auth is a database wrapper used to permitt, defining a db interface, avoiding integration tests using a real mongodb instance.
lib/clientPackage client implements all client used functions that relates to the interaction with external services typically APIs.
lib/commonsPackage commons defines types and utility functions shared between all 3nigm4 packages, typically used to share REST APIs types to be used by server and clients.
lib/cryptoPackage crypto implements all cryptographic functions used by the 3nigm4 suite: i mainly wrap Golang std lib function and implement specific pre-processing and post-processing logics.
lib/filemanagerPackage filemanager manage the split and encryption of a file in chunkes that will be uploadable to a cloud storage.
lib/ishtm/commonsPackage ishtmtypes defines common types and utility functions for the ishtm package.
lib/ishtm/mocksPackage ishtmmocks implements unit-tests mocks for the ishtm service.
lib/itmPackage itm (Integration Tests Manager) is intended to be used onlyin integration tests.
lib/loggerPackage logger manage a colored concurrent safe logger to substitute golang log package.
lib/logoPackage logo can be used to print, on screen, the app colored logo at startup (or at any other desired moment).
lib/messagesPackage messages implements the basic messaging system usable for chatting in the 3nigm4 framework.
lib/s3Package s3backend expose S3 interaction capabilities backended by the FileManager package.
lib/senderPackage sender implements a generic interface for sending email messages.
lib/sender/mockPackage sendermock implements a mock struct to send emails in unit-tests.
lib/sender/smtpPackage smtpmail implements a sender compliant struct managing SMTP mail servers.
lib/storageclientPackage storageclient expose client side API usage for the secure storage service (S3 frontend) this package implements the filemanager DataSaver interface.
lib/versionPackage versionmng manage the software version globally, it's used to have a single point of management to assign the 3nigm4 framework version to all it's components.
lib/workingqueuePackage workingqueue implement a concurrent working queue able to process any passed payload (having a standard function signature) managing the maximum number of active workers.

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