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package proxy

import "github.com/niels-s/distribution/registry/proxy"


Package Files

proxyauth.go proxyblobstore.go proxymanifeststore.go proxymetrics.go proxyregistry.go

func ConfigureAuth Uses

func ConfigureAuth(remoteURL, username, password string, cm auth.ChallengeManager) (auth.CredentialStore, error)

ConfigureAuth authorizes with the upstream registry

func NewRegistryPullThroughCache Uses

func NewRegistryPullThroughCache(ctx context.Context, registry distribution.Namespace, driver driver.StorageDriver, config configuration.Proxy) (distribution.Namespace, error)

NewRegistryPullThroughCache creates a registry acting as a pull through cache

type Metrics Uses

type Metrics struct {
    Requests    uint64
    Hits        uint64
    Misses      uint64
    BytesPulled uint64
    BytesPushed uint64

Metrics is used to hold metric counters related to the proxy



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