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package conllu

import "github.com/nuvi/go-conllu"


Package Files

conllu.go line.go token.go

type Dep Uses

type Dep struct {
    Head   float64
    Deprel string

Dep is a representation of a single part of the enhanced dependency graph

type MorphologicalFeature Uses

type MorphologicalFeature struct {
    Feature string
    Value   string

MorphologicalFeature from the universal feature inventory (https://universaldependencies.org/u/feat/index.html) or from a defined language-specific extension (https://universaldependencies.org/ext-feat-index.html)

type Sentence Uses

type Sentence struct {
    Tokens []Token

Sentence represents a single sentence of parsed CoNLL-U tokens

func Parse Uses

func Parse(r io.Reader) ([]Sentence, error)

Parse parses conllu data via the io.Reader interface and returns all of the tokens found Parse doesn't close the reader when finished, that must be done manually

func ParseFile Uses

func ParseFile(filepath string) ([]Sentence, error)

ParseFile opens, reads, and parses a file in conllu format and returns all of the tokens found. ParseFile is a convencience wrapper for the Parse() function when working with files on disk

type Token Uses

type Token struct {
    // Word index, float starting at 1 for each new sentence
    // If a range was found on a single line in the file
    // then nultiple tokens will be created
    ID  float64

    // Word form or punctuation symbol
    Form string

    // Lemma or stem of word form
    Lemma string

    // Universal part-of-speech tag
    UPOS string

    // Language-specific part-of-speech tag; empty if not available
    XPOS string

    // List of morphological features, which are described on the type
    // nil if not available
    Feats []MorphologicalFeature

    // Head of the current word
    // Either the ID of the head token for this word, or 0 if root
    // https://universaldependencies.org/format.html#syntactic-annotation
    Head float64

    // Universal dependency relation to the HEAD (root iff HEAD = 0)
    // or a defined language-specific subtype of one
    Deprel string

    // Enhanced dependency graph in the form of a list of head-deprel pairs. See Dep type for more information; nil if none.
    // Dependencies that are shared between the basic and the enhanced dependency representations must be repeated in the Deps field
    Deps []Dep

    // Any other annotation, nil if none.
    // https://universaldependencies.org/format.html#miscellaneous
    Misc []string

Token represents a single token, e.g. "hello", "bye" and holds all associated annotations https://universaldependencies.org/format.html#conll-u-format

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