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package fbutils

import "github.com/objectbox/objectbox-go/objectbox/fbutils"

Package fbutils provides utilities for the FlatBuffers in ObjectBox


Package Files

getters.go setters.go utils.go

func CreateByteVectorOffset Uses

func CreateByteVectorOffset(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, value []byte) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func CreateStringOffset Uses

func CreateStringOffset(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, value string) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func CreateStringVectorOffset Uses

func CreateStringVectorOffset(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, values []string) flatbuffers.UOffsetT

func GetBoolPtrSlot Uses

func GetBoolPtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *bool

func GetBoolSlot Uses

func GetBoolSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) bool

func GetBytePtrSlot Uses

func GetBytePtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *byte

func GetByteSlot Uses

func GetByteSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) byte

func GetByteVectorPtrSlot Uses

func GetByteVectorPtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *[]byte

func GetByteVectorSlot Uses

func GetByteVectorSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) []byte

func GetFloat32PtrSlot Uses

func GetFloat32PtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *float32

func GetFloat32Slot Uses

func GetFloat32Slot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) float32

func GetFloat64PtrSlot Uses

func GetFloat64PtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *float64

func GetFloat64Slot Uses

func GetFloat64Slot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) float64

func GetInt16PtrSlot Uses

func GetInt16PtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *int16

func GetInt16Slot Uses

func GetInt16Slot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) int16

func GetInt32PtrSlot Uses

func GetInt32PtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *int32

func GetInt32Slot Uses

func GetInt32Slot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) int32

func GetInt64PtrSlot Uses

func GetInt64PtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *int64

func GetInt64Slot Uses

func GetInt64Slot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) int64

func GetInt8PtrSlot Uses

func GetInt8PtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *int8

func GetInt8Slot Uses

func GetInt8Slot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) int8

func GetIntPtrSlot Uses

func GetIntPtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *int

func GetIntSlot Uses

func GetIntSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) int

func GetRunePtrSlot Uses

func GetRunePtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *rune

func GetRuneSlot Uses

func GetRuneSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) rune

func GetStringPtrSlot Uses

func GetStringPtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *string

func GetStringSlot Uses

func GetStringSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) string

func GetStringVectorPtrSlot Uses

func GetStringVectorPtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *[]string

func GetStringVectorSlot Uses

func GetStringVectorSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) []string

func GetUint16PtrSlot Uses

func GetUint16PtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *uint16

func GetUint16Slot Uses

func GetUint16Slot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) uint16

func GetUint32PtrSlot Uses

func GetUint32PtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *uint32

func GetUint32Slot Uses

func GetUint32Slot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) uint32

func GetUint64PtrSlot Uses

func GetUint64PtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *uint64

func GetUint64Slot Uses

func GetUint64Slot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) uint64

func GetUint8PtrSlot Uses

func GetUint8PtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *uint8

func GetUint8Slot Uses

func GetUint8Slot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) uint8

func GetUintPtrSlot Uses

func GetUintPtrSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) *uint

func GetUintSlot Uses

func GetUintSlot(table *flatbuffers.Table, slot flatbuffers.VOffsetT) uint

func SetBoolSlot Uses

func SetBoolSlot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value bool)

func SetByteSlot Uses

func SetByteSlot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value byte)

func SetFloat32Slot Uses

func SetFloat32Slot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value float32)

func SetFloat64Slot Uses

func SetFloat64Slot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value float64)

func SetInt16Slot Uses

func SetInt16Slot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value int16)

func SetInt32Slot Uses

func SetInt32Slot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value int32)

func SetInt64Slot Uses

func SetInt64Slot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value int64)

func SetInt8Slot Uses

func SetInt8Slot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value int8)

func SetUOffsetTSlot Uses

func SetUOffsetTSlot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value flatbuffers.UOffsetT)

func SetUint16Slot Uses

func SetUint16Slot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value uint16)

func SetUint32Slot Uses

func SetUint32Slot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value uint32)

func SetUint64Slot Uses

func SetUint64Slot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value uint64)

func SetUint8Slot Uses

func SetUint8Slot(fbb *flatbuffers.Builder, slot int, value uint8)

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