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package assert

import "github.com/objectbox/objectbox-go/test/assert"


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func Eq Uses

func Eq(t *testing.T, expected interface{}, actual interface{})

Eq asserts the values are equal. Uses reflect.DeepEqual to test for equality

func EqItems Uses

func EqItems(t *testing.T, expected interface{}, actual interface{})

EqItems asserts the given slices have the same elements (regardless of their order)

func Err Uses

func Err(t *testing.T, err error)

Err asserts the error is not nil

func Fail Uses

func Fail(t *testing.T, text string)

Fail fails immediately

func Failf Uses

func Failf(t *testing.T, format string, args ...interface{})

Failf fails immediately

func MustPanic Uses

func MustPanic(t *testing.T, match *regexp.Regexp)

MustPanic ensures that the caller's context will panic and that the panic will match the given regular expression

  func() {
  	defer mustPanic(t, regexp.MustCompile("+*"))
		panic("some text")

func NoErr Uses

func NoErr(t *testing.T, err error)

NoErr asserts the error is nil

func NotEq Uses

func NotEq(t *testing.T, notThisValue interface{}, actual interface{})

NotEq asserts the given values are not equal. Uses reflect.DeepEqual to test for equality

func True Uses

func True(t *testing.T, actual interface{})

True asserts that the given value is a boolean true

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