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package modules

import "github.com/olivia-ai/olivia/modules"


Package Files

area.go capital.go currency.go math.go modules.go movies.go name.go random.go

func AreaReplacer Uses

func AreaReplacer(entry, response, _ string) (string, string)

func CapitalReplacer Uses

func CapitalReplacer(entry, response, _ string) (string, string)

func CurrencyReplacer Uses

func CurrencyReplacer(entry, response, _ string) (string, string)

func GenresReplacer Uses

func GenresReplacer(entry, response, token string) (string, string)

func MathReplacer Uses

func MathReplacer(entry, response, _ string) (string, string)

func MovieSearchFromInformationReplacer Uses

func MovieSearchFromInformationReplacer(_, response, token string) (string, string)

func MovieSearchReplacer Uses

func MovieSearchReplacer(entry, response, token string) (string, string)

func NameGetterReplacer Uses

func NameGetterReplacer(_, response, token string) (string, string)

func NameSetterReplacer Uses

func NameSetterReplacer(entry, response, token string) (string, string)

func RandomNumberReplacer Uses

func RandomNumberReplacer(_, response, _ string) (string, string)

func RegisterModule Uses

func RegisterModule(module Module)

func ReplaceContent Uses

func ReplaceContent(tag, entry, response, token string) (string, string)

ReplaceContent apply the Replacer of the matching module to the response and returns it

type Module Uses

type Module struct {
    Tag       string
    Patterns  []string
    Responses []string
    Replacer  func(string, string, string) (string, string)

func GetModules Uses

func GetModules() []Module

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