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package format

import "github.com/open-policy-agent/opa/format"

Package format implements formatting of Rego source files.


Package Files


func Ast Uses

func Ast(x interface{}) (formatted []byte, err error)

Ast formats a Rego AST element. If the passed value is not a valid AST element, Ast returns nil and an error. Ast relies on all AST elements having non-nil Location values. If an AST element with a nil Location value is encountered, a default location will be set on the AST node.

func MustAst Uses

func MustAst(x interface{}) []byte

MustAst is a helper function to format a Rego AST element. If any errors occurs this function will panic. This is mostly used for test

func Source Uses

func Source(filename string, src []byte) ([]byte, error)

Source formats a Rego source file. The bytes provided must describe a complete Rego module. If they don't, Source will return an error resulting from the attempt to parse the bytes.

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