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package test

import "github.com/open-policy-agent/opa/util/test"

Package test contains utilities used in the policy engine's test suite.


Package Files

doc.go subtest17.go tempfs.go

func MakeTempFS Uses

func MakeTempFS(root, prefix string, files map[string]string) (rootDir string, cleanup func(), err error)

MakeTempFS creates a temporary directory structure for test purposes rooted at root. If root is empty, the dir is created in the default system temp location. If the creation fails, cleanup is nil and the caller does not have to invoke it. If creation succeeds, the caller should invoke cleanup when they are done.

func Subtest Uses

func Subtest(t *testing.T, name string, f func(*testing.T))

Subtest executes a sub-test f under test t.

func WithTempFS Uses

func WithTempFS(files map[string]string, f func(string))

WithTempFS creates a temporary directory structure and invokes f with the root directory path.

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