arrayPackage array implements several space effiecient array.
array/benchmarkPackage benchmark provides benchmark utilities
benchhelperPackage benchhelper provides utilities for large data set memory or cpu benchmark.
bitsPackage bits provides efficient bitwise operations on integer numbers.
encodePackage encode provides encoding API definition and with several commonly used Encoder suchas uint32 and uint64 etc.
genhelperPackage genhelper provides with utilities to generate codes
indexPackage index provides a data index structure, contains a SlimTrie instance as index and a data provider `DataReader`.
iohelperPackage iohelper provides extra interfaces than package io.
polyfitPackage polyfit models a polynomial y from sample points xs and ys, to minimizes the squared residuals.
serializePackage serialize provide general serialize and de-serialize functions.
triePackage trie provides SlimTrie implementation.
trie/benchmarkPackage benchmark provides internally used benchmark support
versionPackage version defines version of this repo.

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