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package builder

import "github.com/openfaas/faas-cli/builder"


Package Files

build.go copy.go


const AdditionalPackageBuildArg = "ADDITIONAL_PACKAGE"

AdditionalPackageBuildArg holds the special build-arg keyname for use with build-opts. Can also be passed as a build arg hence needs to be accessed from commands

func BuildImage Uses

func BuildImage(image string, handler string, functionName string, language string, nocache bool, squash bool, shrinkwrap bool, buildArgMap map[string]string, buildOptions []string, tagMode schema.BuildFormat, buildLabelMap map[string]string, quietBuild bool, copyExtraPaths []string) error

BuildImage construct Docker image from function parameters

func CopyFiles Uses

func CopyFiles(src, dest string) error

CopyFiles copies files from src to destination.

func GetImageTagValues Uses

func GetImageTagValues(tagType schema.BuildFormat) (branch, version string, err error)

GetImageTagValues returns the image tag format and component information determined via GIT

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