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package schema

import "github.com/openfaas/faas-cli/schema"


Package Files

describe.go image.go metadata.go secret.go store_item.go

func BuildImageName Uses

func BuildImageName(format BuildFormat, image string, version string, branch string) string

BuildImageName builds a Docker image tag for build, push or deploy

type BuildFormat Uses

type BuildFormat int

BuildFormat defines the docker image tag format that is used during the build process

const BranchAndSHAFormat BuildFormat = 2

BranchAndSHAFormat uses "latest-<branch>-<sha>" as the docker tag

const DefaultFormat BuildFormat = 0

DefaultFormat as defined in the YAML file or appending :latest

const DescribeFormat BuildFormat = 3

DescribeFormat uses the git-describe output as the docker tag

const SHAFormat BuildFormat = 1

SHAFormat uses "latest-<sha>" as the docker tag

func (*BuildFormat) Set Uses

func (i *BuildFormat) Set(value string) error

Set implements pflag.Value

func (*BuildFormat) String Uses

func (i *BuildFormat) String() string

String implements Stringer

func (*BuildFormat) Type Uses

func (i *BuildFormat) Type() string

Type implements pflag.Value

type FunctionDescription Uses

type FunctionDescription struct {
    Name              string
    Status            string
    Replicas          int
    AvailableReplicas int
    InvocationCount   int
    Image             string
    EnvProcess        string
    URL               string
    AsyncURL          string
    Labels            *map[string]string
    Annotations       *map[string]string

FunctionDescription information related to a function

type KubernetesSecret Uses

type KubernetesSecret struct {
    Kind       string                   `json:"kind"`
    ApiVersion string                   `json:"apiVersion"`
    Metadata   KubernetesSecretMetadata `json:"metadata"`
    Data       map[string]string        `json:"data"`

type KubernetesSecretMetadata Uses

type KubernetesSecretMetadata struct {
    Name      string `json:"name"`
    Namespace string `json:"namespace"`

type Metadata Uses

type Metadata struct {
    Name      string `yaml:"name"`
    Namespace string `yaml:"namespace,omitempty"`

Metadata metadata of the object

type StoreItem Uses

type StoreItem struct {
    Icon                   string            `json:"icon"`
    Title                  string            `json:"title"`
    Description            string            `json:"description"`
    Image                  string            `json:"image"`
    Name                   string            `json:"name"`
    Fprocess               string            `json:"fprocess"`
    Network                string            `json:"network"`
    RepoURL                string            `json:"repo_url"`
    Environment            map[string]string `json:"environment"`
    Labels                 map[string]string `json:"labels"`
    Annotations            map[string]string `json:"annotations"`
    ReadOnlyRootFilesystem bool              `json:"readOnlyRootFilesystem"`

StoreItem represents an item of store



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