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package v1alpha2

import "github.com/openfaas/faas-cli/schema/openfaas/v1alpha2"


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const APIVersionLatest = "openfaas.com/v1alpha2"

APIVersionLatest latest API version of CRD

type CRD Uses

type CRD struct {
    //APIVersion CRD API version
    APIVersion string `yaml:"apiVersion"`
    //Kind kind of the object
    Kind     string          `yaml:"kind"`
    Metadata schema.Metadata `yaml:"metadata"`
    Spec     Spec            `yaml:"spec"`

CRD root level YAML definition for the object

type Spec Uses

type Spec struct {
    //Name name of the function
    Name string `yaml:"name"`
    //Image docker image name of the function
    Image string `yaml:"image"`

    Environment map[string]string `yaml:"environment,omitempty"`

    Labels *map[string]string `yaml:"labels,omitempty"`

    //Limits for the function
    Limits *stack.FunctionResources `yaml:"limits,omitempty"`

    //Requests of resources requested by function
    Requests *stack.FunctionResources `yaml:"requests,omitempty"`

    Constraints *[]string `yaml:"constraints,omitempty"`

    //Secrets list of secrets to be made available to function
    Secrets []string `yaml:"secrets,omitempty"`

Spec describe characteristics of the object

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