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package omppLog

import "github.com/openmpp/go/ompp/omppLog"

Package omppLog to println messages to standard output and log file. It is intended for progress or error logging and should not be used for profiling (it is slow).

Log can be enabled/disabled for two independent streams:

console  => standard output stream
log file => log file, truncated on every run, (optional) unique "stamped" name

"Stamped" file name produced by adding time-stamp and/or pid-stamp, i.e.:

exeName.log => exeName.2012_08_17_16_04_59_148.123.log

Log message by default prefixed with date-time: 2012-08-17 16:04:59.148 .... It can be disabled by log setting "is no msg time" = true, i.e.:

exeName -v -OpenM.LogNoMsgTime


Package Files


func Log Uses

func Log(msg ...interface{})

Log message to console and log file

func LogSql Uses

func LogSql(sql string)

LogSql sql query to file

func New Uses

func New(opts *config.LogOptions)

New log settings

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