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package flags

import "github.com/openshift/origin/pkg/cmd/util/flags"


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func Resolve Uses

func Resolve(args map[string][]string, flagSet apiserverflag.NamedFlagSets) []error

func ResolveIgnoreMissing Uses

func ResolveIgnoreMissing(args map[string][]string, flagSet apiserverflag.NamedFlagSets) []error

ResolveIgnoreMissing resolves flags in the args, but does not fail on missing flags. It silently skips those. It's useful for building subsets of the full options, but validation should do a normal binding.

type ComponentFlag Uses

type ComponentFlag struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ComponentFlag represents a set of enabled components used in a command line.

func NewComponentFlag Uses

func NewComponentFlag(mappings map[string][]string, allowed ...string) *ComponentFlag

NewComponentFlag returns a flag that represents the allowed components and can be bound to command line flags.

func (*ComponentFlag) Allowed Uses

func (f *ComponentFlag) Allowed() sets.String

Allowed returns a copy of the allowed list of components.

func (*ComponentFlag) Bind Uses

func (f *ComponentFlag) Bind(flags *pflag.FlagSet, flagFormat, messagePrefix string)

Bind registers the necessary flags with a flag set.

func (*ComponentFlag) Calculated Uses

func (f *ComponentFlag) Calculated() sets.String

Calculated returns the effective enabled list.

func (*ComponentFlag) DefaultDisable Uses

func (f *ComponentFlag) DefaultDisable(components ...string) *ComponentFlag

DefaultDisable resets the default enabled set to all allowed components except the provided.

func (*ComponentFlag) DefaultEnable Uses

func (f *ComponentFlag) DefaultEnable(components ...string) *ComponentFlag

DefaultEnable resets the enabled components to only those provided that are also in the allowed list.

func (*ComponentFlag) Disable Uses

func (f *ComponentFlag) Disable(components ...string)

Disable marks the provided components as disabled.

func (*ComponentFlag) Enabled Uses

func (f *ComponentFlag) Enabled(name string) bool

Enabled returns true if the component is enabled.

func (*ComponentFlag) Expand Uses

func (f *ComponentFlag) Expand(value string) sets.String

Expand turns a string into a fully expanded set of components, resolving any mappings.

func (*ComponentFlag) Mappings Uses

func (f *ComponentFlag) Mappings() map[string][]string

Mappings returns a copy of the mapping list for short names.

func (*ComponentFlag) Validate Uses

func (f *ComponentFlag) Validate() (sets.String, error)

Validate returns a copy of the set of enabled components, or an error if there are conflicts.

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