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package http

import ""

Package http contains several http middlewares which can be used for instrumenting calls with Zipkin.


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var ErrValidTracerRequired = errors.New("valid tracer required")

ErrValidTracerRequired error

func Discard Uses

func Discard() *bool

Discard is a convenience function that returns a pointer to a boolean false. Use this for RequestSamplerFuncs when wanting the RequestSampler to override the sampling decision to no.

func NewServerMiddleware Uses

func NewServerMiddleware(t *zipkin.Tracer, options ...ServerOption) func(http.Handler) http.Handler

NewServerMiddleware returns a http.Handler middleware with Zipkin tracing.

func NewTransport Uses

func NewTransport(tracer *zipkin.Tracer, options ...TransportOption) (http.RoundTripper, error)

NewTransport returns a new Zipkin instrumented http RoundTripper which can be used with a standard library http Client.

func Sample Uses

func Sample() *bool

Sample is a convenience function that returns a pointer to a boolean true. Use this for RequestSamplerFuncs when wanting the RequestSampler to override the sampling decision to yes.

type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client holds a Zipkin instrumented HTTP Client.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(tracer *zipkin.Tracer, options ...ClientOption) (*Client, error)

NewClient returns an HTTP Client adding Zipkin instrumentation around an embedded standard Go http.Client.

func (*Client) DoWithAppSpan Uses

func (c *Client) DoWithAppSpan(req *http.Request, name string) (res *http.Response, err error)

DoWithAppSpan wraps http.Client's Do with tracing using an application span.

type ClientOption Uses

type ClientOption func(*Client)

ClientOption allows optional configuration of Client.

func ClientTags Uses

func ClientTags(tags map[string]string) ClientOption

ClientTags adds default Tags to inject into client application spans.

func ClientTrace Uses

func ClientTrace(enabled bool) ClientOption

ClientTrace allows one to enable Go's net/http/httptrace.

func TransportOptions Uses

func TransportOptions(options ...TransportOption) ClientOption

TransportOptions passes optional Transport configuration to the internal transport used by Client.

func WithClient Uses

func WithClient(client *http.Client) ClientOption

WithClient allows one to add a custom configured http.Client to use.

func WithRemoteEndpoint Uses

func WithRemoteEndpoint(remoteEndpoint *model.Endpoint) ClientOption

WithRemoteEndpoint will set the remote endpoint for all spans.

type ErrHandler Uses

type ErrHandler func(sp zipkin.Span, err error, statusCode int)

ErrHandler allows instrumentations to decide how to tag errors based on the response status code >399 and the error from the Transport.RoundTrip

type ErrResponseReader Uses

type ErrResponseReader func(sp zipkin.Span, body io.Reader)

ErrResponseReader allows instrumentations to read the error body and decide to obtain information to it and add it to the span i.e. tag the span with a more meaningful error code or with error details.

type RequestSamplerFunc Uses

type RequestSamplerFunc func(r *http.Request) *bool

RequestSamplerFunc can be implemented for client and/or server side sampling decisions that can override the existing upstream sampling decision. If the implementation returns nil, the existing sampling decision stays as is.

type ServerOption Uses

type ServerOption func(*handler)

ServerOption allows Middleware to be optionally configured.

func RequestSampler Uses

func RequestSampler(sampleFunc RequestSamplerFunc) ServerOption

RequestSampler allows one to set the sampling decision based on the details found in the http.Request. If wanting to keep the existing sampling decision from upstream as is, this function should return nil.

func ServerErrHandler Uses

func ServerErrHandler(eh ErrHandler) ServerOption

ServerErrHandler allows to pass a custom error handler for the server response

func ServerTags Uses

func ServerTags(tags map[string]string) ServerOption

ServerTags adds default Tags to inject into server spans.

func SpanName Uses

func SpanName(name string) ServerOption

SpanName sets the name of the spans the middleware creates. Use this if wrapping each endpoint with its own Middleware. If omitting the SpanName option, the middleware will use the http request method as span name.

func TagResponseSize Uses

func TagResponseSize(enabled bool) ServerOption

TagResponseSize will instruct the middleware to Tag the http response size in the server side span.

type TransportOption Uses

type TransportOption func(*transport)

TransportOption allows one to configure optional transport configuration.

func RoundTripper Uses

func RoundTripper(rt http.RoundTripper) TransportOption

RoundTripper adds the Transport RoundTripper to wrap.

func TransportErrHandler Uses

func TransportErrHandler(h ErrHandler) TransportOption

TransportErrHandler allows to pass a custom error handler for the round trip

func TransportErrResponseReader Uses

func TransportErrResponseReader(r ErrResponseReader) TransportOption

TransportErrResponseReader allows to pass a custom ErrResponseReader

func TransportLogger Uses

func TransportLogger(l *log.Logger) TransportOption

TransportLogger allows to plug a logger into the transport

func TransportRemoteEndpoint Uses

func TransportRemoteEndpoint(remoteEndpoint *model.Endpoint) TransportOption

TransportRemoteEndpoint will set the remote endpoint for all spans.

func TransportRequestSampler Uses

func TransportRequestSampler(sampleFunc RequestSamplerFunc) TransportOption

TransportRequestSampler allows one to set the sampling decision based on the details found in the http.Request. It has preference over the existing sampling decision contained in the context. The function returns a *bool, if returning nil, sampling decision is not being changed whereas returning something else than nil is being used as sampling decision.

func TransportTags Uses

func TransportTags(tags map[string]string) TransportOption

TransportTags adds default Tags to inject into transport spans.

func TransportTrace Uses

func TransportTrace(enable bool) TransportOption

TransportTrace allows one to enable Go's net/http/httptrace.

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