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package nosql

import ""

This is the official Go SDK for Oracle NoSQL.

More detailed information can be viewed at:


Refer to for installation instructions.


Refer to for configuration instructions.

Full Example

See for an example program that uses the Go SDK to interact with an Oracle NoSQL database.

Working with Tables

See for a tutorial that uses tables to store and retrieve data.


Package Files



examplesPackage examples provides common functions used by the examples that are in sub folders.
examples/basicThe basic example shows how to perform basic operations on an Oracle NoSQL table.
examples/deleteThe delete example shows how to delete a row or multiple rows satisfying certain criteria from a table.
examples/indexThe index example shows how to create and use the index on a table.
nosqldbPackage nosqldb provides the public APIs for Go applications to use the Oracle NoSQL Database.
nosqldb/authPackage auth provides functionality and types used for authorization providers.
nosqldb/auth/cloudsimPackage cloudsim provides authorization provider implementations for clients that connect to cloud simulator.
nosqldb/auth/iamPackage iam provides authorization provider implementations for clients that connect to cloud via IAM (Oracle Identity and Access Management).
nosqldb/auth/kvstorePackage kvstore provides authorization provider implementations for clients that connect to on-premise NoSQL servers.
nosqldb/commonPackage common provides common utilities used for NoSQL client.
nosqldb/httputilPackage httputil provides utility functions used for HTTP clients.
nosqldb/internal/sdkutilPackage sdkutil provides internal utility functions for the SDK.
nosqldb/jsonutilPackage jsonutil provides utility functions for manipulating JSON.
nosqldb/loggerPackage logger provides logging functionality.
nosqldb/nosqlerrPackage nosqlerr defines types and error code constants that represent errors which may return by the NoSQL client.
nosqldb/typesPackage types defines types and values used to represent and manipulate data in the Oracle NoSQL Database.

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