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package dockertest

import ""


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type Pool Uses

type Pool struct {
    Client  *dc.Client
    MaxWait time.Duration

Pool represents a connection to the docker API and is used to create and remove docker images.

func NewPool Uses

func NewPool(endpoint string) (*Pool, error)

NewPool creates a new pool. You can pass an empty string to use the default, which is taken from the environment variable DOCKER_HOST and DOCKER_URL, or from docker-machine if the environment variable DOCKER_MACHINE_NAME is set, or if neither is defined a sensible default for the operating system you are on. TLS pools are automatically configured if the DOCKER_CERT_PATH environment variable exists.

func NewTLSPool Uses

func NewTLSPool(endpoint, certpath string) (*Pool, error)

NewTLSPool creates a new pool given an endpoint and the certificate path. This is required for endpoints that require TLS communication.

func (*Pool) BuildAndRun Uses

func (d *Pool) BuildAndRun(name, dockerfilePath string, env []string) (*Resource, error)

BuildAndRun builds and starts a docker container

func (*Pool) BuildAndRunWithOptions Uses

func (d *Pool) BuildAndRunWithOptions(dockerfilePath string, opts *RunOptions, hcOpts ...func(*dc.HostConfig)) (*Resource, error)

BuildAndRunWithOptions builds and starts a docker container. Optional modifier functions can be passed in order to change the hostconfig values not covered in RunOptions

func (*Pool) Purge Uses

func (d *Pool) Purge(r *Resource) error

Purge removes a container and linked volumes from docker.

func (*Pool) RemoveContainerByName Uses

func (d *Pool) RemoveContainerByName(containerName string) error

RemoveContainerByName find a container with the given name and removes it if present

func (*Pool) Retry Uses

func (d *Pool) Retry(op func() error) error

Retry is an exponential backoff retry helper. You can use it to wait for e.g. mysql to boot up.

func (*Pool) Run Uses

func (d *Pool) Run(repository, tag string, env []string) (*Resource, error)

Run starts a docker container.

pool.Run("mysql", "5.3", []string{"FOO=BAR", "BAR=BAZ"})

func (*Pool) RunWithOptions Uses

func (d *Pool) RunWithOptions(opts *RunOptions, hcOpts ...func(*dc.HostConfig)) (*Resource, error)

RunWithOptions starts a docker container. Optional modifier functions can be passed in order to change the hostconfig values not covered in RunOptions

pool.Run(&RunOptions{Repository: "mongo", Cmd: []string{"mongod", "--smallfiles"}}) pool.Run(&RunOptions{Repository: "mongo", Cmd: []string{"mongod", "--smallfiles"}}, func(hostConfig *dc.HostConfig) {

	hostConfig.ShmSize = shmemsize

type Resource Uses

type Resource struct {
    Container *dc.Container
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Resource represents a docker container.

func (*Resource) Close Uses

func (r *Resource) Close() error

Close removes a container and linked volumes from docker by calling pool.Purge.

func (*Resource) Expire Uses

func (r *Resource) Expire(seconds uint) error

Expire sets a resource's associated container to terminate after a period has passed

func (*Resource) GetBoundIP Uses

func (r *Resource) GetBoundIP(id string) string

func (*Resource) GetHostPort Uses

func (r *Resource) GetHostPort(portID string) string

GetHostPort returns a resource's published port with an address.

func (*Resource) GetPort Uses

func (r *Resource) GetPort(id string) string

GetPort returns a resource's published port. You can use it to connect to the service via localhost, e.g. tcp://localhost:1231/

type RunOptions Uses

type RunOptions struct {
    Hostname     string
    Name         string
    Repository   string
    Tag          string
    Env          []string
    Entrypoint   []string
    Cmd          []string
    Mounts       []string
    Links        []string
    ExposedPorts []string
    ExtraHosts   []string
    CapAdd       []string
    SecurityOpt  []string
    DNS          []string
    WorkingDir   string
    NetworkID    string
    Labels       map[string]string
    Auth         dc.AuthConfiguration
    PortBindings map[dc.Port][]dc.PortBinding
    Privileged   bool

RunOptions is used to pass in optional parameters when running a container.


dockerPackage docker provides a client for the Docker remote API.
docker/pkg/poolsPackage pools provides a collection of pools which provide various data types with buffers.
docker/pkg/termPackage term provides structures and helper functions to work with terminal (state, sizes).
docker/typesPackage types is used for API stability in the types and response to the consumers of the API stats endpoint.
docker/types/filtersPackage filters provides tools for encoding a mapping of keys to a set of multiple values.
docker/types/versions/v1p19Package v1p19 provides specific API types for the API version 1, patch 19.
docker/types/versions/v1p20Package v1p20 provides specific API types for the API version 1, patch 20.

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