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package pkce

import ""


Package Files

handler.go storage.go

type Handler Uses

type Handler struct {
    // If set to true, clients must use PKCE.
    Force bool

    // Whether or not to allow the plain challenge method (S256 should be used whenever possible, plain is really discouraged).
    EnablePlainChallengeMethod bool

    AuthorizeCodeStrategy oauth2.AuthorizeCodeStrategy
    Storage               PKCERequestStorage

func (*Handler) HandleAuthorizeEndpointRequest Uses

func (c *Handler) HandleAuthorizeEndpointRequest(ctx context.Context, ar fosite.AuthorizeRequester, resp fosite.AuthorizeResponder) error

func (*Handler) HandleTokenEndpointRequest Uses

func (c *Handler) HandleTokenEndpointRequest(ctx context.Context, request fosite.AccessRequester) error

func (*Handler) PopulateTokenEndpointResponse Uses

func (c *Handler) PopulateTokenEndpointResponse(ctx context.Context, requester fosite.AccessRequester, responder fosite.AccessResponder) error

type PKCERequestStorage Uses

type PKCERequestStorage interface {
    GetPKCERequestSession(ctx context.Context, signature string, session fosite.Session) (fosite.Requester, error)
    CreatePKCERequestSession(ctx context.Context, signature string, requester fosite.Requester) error
    DeletePKCERequestSession(ctx context.Context, signature string) error

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