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package driver

import "github.com/ory/hydra/driver"


Package Files

factory.go registry.go registry_base.go registry_nosqlite.go registry_sql.go

func CallRegistry Uses

func CallRegistry(r Registry)

type OptionsModifier Uses

type OptionsModifier func(*options)

func DisablePreloading Uses

func DisablePreloading() OptionsModifier

DisableValidation validating the config.

This does not affect schema validation!

func DisableValidation Uses

func DisableValidation() OptionsModifier

DisableValidation validating the config.

This does not affect schema validation!

func WithOptions Uses

func WithOptions(opts ...configx.OptionModifier) OptionsModifier

type Registry Uses

type Registry interface {

    Init() error

    WithConfig(c *config.Provider) Registry
    WithLogger(l *logrusx.Logger) Registry

    Config() *config.Provider
    PrometheusManager() *prometheus.MetricsManager
    Tracer() *tracing.Tracer

    RegisterRoutes(admin *x.RouterAdmin, public *x.RouterPublic)
    ClientHandler() *client.Handler
    KeyHandler() *jwk.Handler
    ConsentHandler() *consent.Handler
    OAuth2Handler() *oauth2.Handler
    HealthHandler() *healthx.Handler

    OAuth2HMACStrategy() *foauth2.HMACSHAStrategy
    WithOAuth2Provider(f fosite.OAuth2Provider)
    WithConsentStrategy(c consent.Strategy)

func New Uses

func New(opts ...OptionsModifier) Registry

func NewRegistryFromDSN Uses

func NewRegistryFromDSN(c *config.Provider, l *logrusx.Logger) (Registry, error)

type RegistryBase Uses

type RegistryBase struct {
    C *config.Provider
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*RegistryBase) AccessTokenJWTStrategy Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) AccessTokenJWTStrategy() jwk.JWTStrategy

func (*RegistryBase) AudienceStrategy Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) AudienceStrategy() fosite.AudienceMatchingStrategy

func (*RegistryBase) AuditLogger Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) AuditLogger() *logrusx.Logger

func (*RegistryBase) BuildDate Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) BuildDate() string

func (*RegistryBase) BuildHash Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) BuildHash() string

func (*RegistryBase) BuildVersion Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) BuildVersion() string

func (*RegistryBase) ClientHandler Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) ClientHandler() *client.Handler

func (*RegistryBase) ClientHasher Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) ClientHasher() fosite.Hasher

func (*RegistryBase) ClientValidator Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) ClientValidator() *client.Validator

func (*RegistryBase) Config Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) Config() *config.Provider

func (*RegistryBase) ConsentHandler Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) ConsentHandler() *consent.Handler

func (*RegistryBase) ConsentStrategy Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) ConsentStrategy() consent.Strategy

func (*RegistryBase) CookieStore Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) CookieStore() sessions.Store

func (*RegistryBase) FositeOpenIDDefaultStrategy Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) FositeOpenIDDefaultStrategy() *openid.DefaultStrategy

func (*RegistryBase) HealthHandler Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) HealthHandler() *healthx.Handler

func (*RegistryBase) KeyCipher Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) KeyCipher() *jwk.AEAD

func (*RegistryBase) KeyGenerators Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) KeyGenerators() map[string]jwk.KeyGenerator

func (*RegistryBase) KeyHandler Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) KeyHandler() *jwk.Handler

func (*RegistryBase) Logger Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) Logger() *logrusx.Logger

func (*RegistryBase) OAuth2AwareMiddleware Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) OAuth2AwareMiddleware() func(h http.Handler) http.Handler

func (*RegistryBase) OAuth2HMACStrategy Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) OAuth2HMACStrategy() *foauth2.HMACSHAStrategy

func (*RegistryBase) OAuth2Handler Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) OAuth2Handler() *oauth2.Handler

func (*RegistryBase) OAuth2Provider Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) OAuth2Provider() fosite.OAuth2Provider

func (*RegistryBase) OpenIDConnectRequestValidator Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) OpenIDConnectRequestValidator() *openid.OpenIDConnectRequestValidator

func (*RegistryBase) OpenIDJWTStrategy Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) OpenIDJWTStrategy() jwk.JWTStrategy

func (*RegistryBase) Persister Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) Persister() persistence.Persister

func (*RegistryBase) PrometheusManager Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) PrometheusManager() *prometheus.MetricsManager

func (*RegistryBase) RegisterRoutes Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) RegisterRoutes(admin *x.RouterAdmin, public *x.RouterPublic)

func (*RegistryBase) ScopeStrategy Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) ScopeStrategy() fosite.ScopeStrategy

func (*RegistryBase) SubjectIdentifierAlgorithm Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) SubjectIdentifierAlgorithm() map[string]consent.SubjectIdentifierAlgorithm

func (*RegistryBase) Tracer Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) Tracer() *tracing.Tracer

func (*RegistryBase) WithBuildInfo Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) WithBuildInfo(version, hash, date string) Registry

func (*RegistryBase) WithConfig Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) WithConfig(c *config.Provider) Registry

func (*RegistryBase) WithConsentStrategy Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) WithConsentStrategy(c consent.Strategy)

WithConsentStrategy forces a consent strategy which is only used for testing.

func (*RegistryBase) WithLogger Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) WithLogger(l *logrusx.Logger) Registry

func (*RegistryBase) WithOAuth2Provider Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) WithOAuth2Provider(f fosite.OAuth2Provider)

WithOAuth2Provider forces an oauth2 provider which is only used for testing.

func (*RegistryBase) Writer Uses

func (m *RegistryBase) Writer() herodot.Writer

type RegistrySQL Uses

type RegistrySQL struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRegistrySQL Uses

func NewRegistrySQL() *RegistrySQL

func (*RegistrySQL) CanHandle Uses

func (m *RegistrySQL) CanHandle(dsn string) bool

func (*RegistrySQL) ClientManager Uses

func (m *RegistrySQL) ClientManager() client.Manager

func (*RegistrySQL) ConsentManager Uses

func (m *RegistrySQL) ConsentManager() consent.Manager

func (*RegistrySQL) Init Uses

func (m *RegistrySQL) Init() error

func (*RegistrySQL) KeyManager Uses

func (m *RegistrySQL) KeyManager() jwk.Manager

func (*RegistrySQL) OAuth2Storage Uses

func (m *RegistrySQL) OAuth2Storage() x.FositeStorer

func (*RegistrySQL) Ping Uses

func (m *RegistrySQL) Ping() error



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