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package logrusx

import "github.com/ory/x/logrusx"


Package Files

helper.go logrus.go

type Logger Uses

type Logger struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(name string, version string, opts ...Option) *Logger

New creates a new logger with all the important fields set.

func NewAudit Uses

func NewAudit(name string, version string, opts ...Option) *Logger

func (*Logger) LeakSensitiveData Uses

func (l *Logger) LeakSensitiveData() bool

func (*Logger) Logrus Uses

func (l *Logger) Logrus() *logrus.Logger

func (*Logger) NewEntry Uses

func (l *Logger) NewEntry() *Logger

func (*Logger) WithContext Uses

func (l *Logger) WithContext(ctx context.Context) *Logger

func (*Logger) WithError Uses

func (l *Logger) WithError(err error) *Logger

func (*Logger) WithField Uses

func (l *Logger) WithField(key string, value interface{}) *Logger

func (*Logger) WithFields Uses

func (l *Logger) WithFields(f logrus.Fields) *Logger

func (*Logger) WithRequest Uses

func (l *Logger) WithRequest(r *http.Request) *Logger

func (*Logger) WithSensitiveField Uses

func (l *Logger) WithSensitiveField(key string, value interface{}) *Logger

type Option Uses

type Option func(*options)

func ForceFormat Uses

func ForceFormat(format string) Option

func ForceFormatter Uses

func ForceFormatter(formatter logrus.Formatter) Option

func ForceLevel Uses

func ForceLevel(level logrus.Level) Option

func LeakSensitive Uses

func LeakSensitive() Option

func ReportCaller Uses

func ReportCaller(reportCaller bool) Option

func UseLogger Uses

func UseLogger(l *logrus.Logger) Option

func WithExitFunc Uses

func WithExitFunc(exitFunc func(int)) Option

func WithHook Uses

func WithHook(hook logrus.Hook) Option

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