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package output

import ""


Package Files


type KafkaProducer Uses

type KafkaProducer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A KafkaProducer encapsulates a connection to a Kafka cluster.

func NewKafkaProducer Uses

func NewKafkaProducer(brokers []string, topic string, bufferTime, bufferBytes, batchSz int) (*KafkaProducer, error)

NewKafkaProducer returns an initialized KafkaProducer.

func (*KafkaProducer) Close Uses

func (k *KafkaProducer) Close() error

Close closes the producer.

func (*KafkaProducer) Statistics Uses

func (k *KafkaProducer) Statistics() (metrics.Registry, error)

Statistics returns an object storing statistics, which supports JSON marshalling.

func (*KafkaProducer) Write Uses

func (k *KafkaProducer) Write(s string)

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