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package cdsclient

import ""


Package Files

client.go client_access_token.go client_action.go client_admin.go client_application.go client_application_key.go client_application_variable.go client_broadcast.go client_config.go client_download.go client_environment.go client_environment_key.go client_environment_variable.go client_events.go client_export.go client_group.go client_group_token.go client_group_user.go client_hook.go client_import.go client_integration.go client_maintenance.go client_mon.go client_navbar.go client_pipeline.go client_plugins.go client_project.go client_project_integration.go client_project_key.go client_project_repository_manager.go client_project_variable.go client_queue.go client_repositories_manager.go client_services.go client_template.go client_user.go client_vcs.go client_version.go client_worker.go client_worker_model.go client_workflow.go client_workflow_as_code.go client_workflow_hooks.go config.go http.go http_sse.go interface.go


const (
    //SessionTokenHeader is user as HTTP header
    SessionTokenHeader = "Session-Token"
    // AuthHeader is used as HTTP header
    AuthHeader = "X_AUTH_HEADER"
    // RequestedWithHeader is used as HTTP header
    RequestedWithHeader = "X-Requested-With"
    // RequestedWithValue is used as HTTP header
    RequestedWithValue = "X-CDS-SDK"
    // RequestedNameHeader is used as HTTP header
    RequestedNameHeader = "X-Requested-Name"
    // RequestedIfModifiedSinceHeader is used as HTTP header
    RequestedIfModifiedSinceHeader = "If-Modified-Since"

    // ResponseAPITimeHeader is used as HTTP header
    ResponseAPITimeHeader = "X-Api-Time"
    // ResponseAPINanosecondsTimeHeader is used as HTTP header
    ResponseAPINanosecondsTimeHeader = "X-Api-Nanoseconds-Time"
    // ResponseEtagHeader is used as HTTP header
    ResponseEtagHeader = "Etag"
    // ResponseProcessTimeHeader is used as HTTP header
    ResponseProcessTimeHeader = "X-Api-Process-Time"

func NewHTTPClient Uses

func NewHTTPClient(timeout time.Duration, insecureSkipVerifyTLS bool) *http.Client

NewHTTPClient returns a new HTTP Client

type AccessTokenClient Uses

type AccessTokenClient interface {
    AccessTokenListByUser(username string) ([]sdk.AccessToken, error)
    AccessTokenListByGroup(groups ...string) ([]sdk.AccessToken, error)
    AccessTokenDelete(id string) error
    AccessTokenCreate(request sdk.AccessTokenRequest) (sdk.AccessToken, string, error)
    AccessTokenRegen(id string) (sdk.AccessToken, string, error)

AccessTokenClient is the interface for access token management

type ActionClient Uses

type ActionClient interface {
    ActionDelete(groupName, name string) error
    ActionGet(groupName, name string, mods ...RequestModifier) (*sdk.Action, error)
    ActionList() ([]sdk.Action, error)
    ActionImport(content io.Reader, format string) error
    ActionExport(groupName, name string, format string) ([]byte, error)
    ActionBuiltinList() ([]sdk.Action, error)
    ActionBuiltinGet(name string, mods ...RequestModifier) (*sdk.Action, error)

ActionClient exposes actions related functions

type AdminService Uses

type AdminService interface {
    AdminDatabaseMigrationDelete(id string) error
    AdminDatabaseMigrationUnlock(id string) error
    AdminDatabaseMigrationsList() ([]sdk.DatabaseMigrationStatus, error)
    AdminCDSMigrationList() ([]sdk.Migration, error)
    AdminCDSMigrationCancel(id int64) error
    AdminCDSMigrationReset(id int64) error
    Services() ([]sdk.Service, error)
    ServicesByName(name string) (*sdk.Service, error)
    ServiceDelete(name string) error
    ServicesByType(stype string) ([]sdk.Service, error)
    ServiceNameCallGET(name string, url string) ([]byte, error)
    ServiceCallGET(stype string, url string) ([]byte, error)
    ServiceCallPOST(stype string, url string, body []byte) ([]byte, error)
    ServiceCallPUT(stype string, url string, body []byte) ([]byte, error)
    ServiceCallDELETE(stype string, url string) error

AdminService expose all function to CDS services

type ApplicationClient Uses

type ApplicationClient interface {
    ApplicationAttachToReposistoriesManager(projectKey, appName, reposManager, repoFullname string) error
    ApplicationCreate(projectKey string, app *sdk.Application) error
    ApplicationUpdate(projectKey string, appName string, app *sdk.Application) error
    ApplicationDelete(projectKey string, appName string) error
    ApplicationGet(projectKey string, appName string, opts ...RequestModifier) (*sdk.Application, error)
    ApplicationList(projectKey string) ([]sdk.Application, error)

ApplicationClient exposes application related functions

type ApplicationKeysClient Uses

type ApplicationKeysClient interface {
    ApplicationKeysList(projectKey string, appName string) ([]sdk.ApplicationKey, error)
    ApplicationKeyCreate(projectKey string, appName string, keyApp *sdk.ApplicationKey) error
    ApplicationKeysDelete(projectKey string, appName string, KeyAppName string) error

ApplicationKeysClient exposes application keys related functions

type ApplicationVariableClient Uses

type ApplicationVariableClient interface {
    ApplicationVariablesList(projectKey string, appName string) ([]sdk.Variable, error)
    ApplicationVariableCreate(projectKey string, appName string, variable *sdk.Variable) error
    ApplicationVariableDelete(projectKey string, appName string, varName string) error
    ApplicationVariableGet(projectKey string, appName string, varName string) (*sdk.Variable, error)
    ApplicationVariableUpdate(projectKey string, appName string, variable *sdk.Variable) error

ApplicationVariableClient exposes application variables related functions

type BroadcastClient Uses

type BroadcastClient interface {
    Broadcasts() ([]sdk.Broadcast, error)
    BroadcastCreate(broadcast *sdk.Broadcast) error
    BroadcastGet(id string) (*sdk.Broadcast, error)
    BroadcastDelete(id string) error

BroadcastClient expose all function for CDS Broadcasts

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Host        string
    User        string
    Token       string
    AccessToken string
    Hash        string

    Verbose               bool
    Retry                 int
    InsecureSkipVerifyTLS bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Config is the configuration data used by the cdsclient interface implementation

type DownloadClient Uses

type DownloadClient interface {
    Download() ([]sdk.DownloadableResource, error)
    DownloadURLFromAPI(name, os, arch, variant string) string
    DownloadURLFromGithub(filename string) (string, error)

DownloadClient exposes download related functions

type EnvironmentClient Uses

type EnvironmentClient interface {
    EnvironmentCreate(projectKey string, env *sdk.Environment) error
    EnvironmentDelete(projectKey string, envName string) error
    EnvironmentGet(projectKey string, envName string, opts ...RequestModifier) (*sdk.Environment, error)
    EnvironmentList(projectKey string) ([]sdk.Environment, error)
    EnvironmentExport(projectKey, name string, format string) ([]byte, error)
    EnvironmentImport(projectKey string, content io.Reader, format string, force bool) ([]string, error)

EnvironmentClient exposes environment related functions

type EnvironmentKeysClient Uses

type EnvironmentKeysClient interface {
    EnvironmentKeysList(projectKey string, envName string) ([]sdk.EnvironmentKey, error)
    EnvironmentKeyCreate(projectKey string, envName string, keyEnv *sdk.EnvironmentKey) error
    EnvironmentKeysDelete(projectKey string, envName string, keyEnvName string) error

EnvironmentKeysClient exposes environment keys related functions

type EnvironmentVariableClient Uses

type EnvironmentVariableClient interface {
    EnvironmentVariablesList(key string, envName string) ([]sdk.Variable, error)
    EnvironmentVariableCreate(projectKey string, envName string, variable *sdk.Variable) error
    EnvironmentVariableDelete(projectKey string, envName string, varName string) error
    EnvironmentVariableGet(projectKey string, envName string, varName string) (*sdk.Variable, error)
    EnvironmentVariableUpdate(projectKey string, envName string, variable *sdk.Variable) error

EnvironmentVariableClient exposes environment variables related functions

type EventsClient Uses

type EventsClient interface {
    // Must be  run in a go routine
    EventsListen(ctx context.Context, chanSSEvt chan<- SSEvent)

EventsClient listen SSE Events from CDS API

type ExportImportInterface Uses

type ExportImportInterface interface {
    PipelineExport(projectKey, name string, exportFormat string) ([]byte, error)
    PipelineImport(projectKey string, content io.Reader, format string, force bool) ([]string, error)
    ApplicationExport(projectKey, name string, format string) ([]byte, error)
    ApplicationImport(projectKey string, content io.Reader, format string, force bool) ([]string, error)
    WorkflowExport(projectKey, name string, mods ...RequestModifier) ([]byte, error)
    WorkflowPull(projectKey, name string, mods ...RequestModifier) (*tar.Reader, error)
    WorkflowImport(projectKey string, content io.Reader, format string, force bool) ([]string, error)
    WorkerModelExport(groupName, name, format string) ([]byte, error)
    WorkerModelImport(content io.Reader, format string, force bool) (*sdk.Model, error)
    WorkflowPush(projectKey string, tarContent io.Reader, mods ...RequestModifier) ([]string, *tar.Reader, error)

ExportImportInterface exposes pipeline and application export and import function

type Filter Uses

type Filter struct {
    Name, Value string

type GRPCPluginsClient Uses

type GRPCPluginsClient interface {
    PluginsList() ([]sdk.GRPCPlugin, error)
    PluginsGet(string) (*sdk.GRPCPlugin, error)
    PluginAdd(*sdk.GRPCPlugin) error
    PluginUpdate(*sdk.GRPCPlugin) error
    PluginDelete(string) error
    PluginAddBinary(*sdk.GRPCPlugin, *sdk.GRPCPluginBinary) error
    PluginDeleteBinary(name, os, arch string) error
    PluginGetBinary(name, os, arch string, w io.Writer) error
    PluginGetBinaryInfos(name, os, arch string) (*sdk.GRPCPluginBinary, error)

GRPCPluginsClient exposes plugins API

type GroupClient Uses

type GroupClient interface {
    GroupCreate(group *sdk.Group) error
    GroupDelete(name string) error
    GroupGenerateToken(groupName, expiration, description string) (*sdk.Token, error)
    GroupListToken(groupName string) ([]sdk.Token, error)
    GroupDeleteToken(groupName string, tokenID int64) error
    GroupGet(name string, mods ...RequestModifier) (*sdk.Group, error)
    GroupList() ([]sdk.Group, error)
    GroupUserAdminSet(groupname string, username string) error
    GroupUserAdminRemove(groupname, username string) error
    GroupUserAdd(groupname string, users []string) error
    GroupUserRemove(groupname, username string) error
    GroupRename(oldGroupname, newGroupname string) error

GroupClient exposes groups related functions

type HTTPClient Uses

type HTTPClient interface {
    Do(*http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

HTTPClient is a interface for HTTPClient mock

type HookClient Uses

type HookClient interface {
    PollVCSEvents(uuid string, workflowID int64, vcsServer string, timestamp int64) (events sdk.RepositoryEvents, interval time.Duration, err error)
    VCSConfiguration() (map[string]sdk.VCSConfiguration, error)

HookClient exposes functions used for hooks services

type IntegrationClient Uses

type IntegrationClient interface {
    IntegrationModelList() ([]sdk.IntegrationModel, error)
    IntegrationModelGet(name string) (sdk.IntegrationModel, error)
    IntegrationModelAdd(m *sdk.IntegrationModel) error
    IntegrationModelUpdate(m *sdk.IntegrationModel) error
    IntegrationModelDelete(name string) error

IntegrationClient exposes integration functions

type Interface Uses

type Interface interface {
    APIURL() string
    ConfigUser() (map[string]string, error)
    Navbar() ([]sdk.NavbarProjectData, error)
    Requirements() ([]sdk.Requirement, error)
    GetService() *sdk.Service
    ServiceRegister(sdk.Service) (string, error)
    Version() (*sdk.Version, error)

Interface is the main interface for cdsclient package

func New Uses

func New(c Config) Interface

New returns a client from a config struct

func NewClientFromConfig Uses

func NewClientFromConfig(r io.Reader) (Interface, error)

NewClientFromConfig returns a client from the config file

func NewClientFromEnv Uses

func NewClientFromEnv() (Interface, error)

NewClientFromEnv returns a client from the environment variables

func NewService Uses

func NewService(endpoint string, timeout time.Duration, insecureSkipVerifyTLS bool) Interface

NewService returns client for a service

func NewWorker Uses

func NewWorker(endpoint string, name string, c HTTPClient) Interface

NewWorker returns client for a worker

type MaintenanceClient Uses

type MaintenanceClient interface {
    Maintenance(enable bool, hooks bool) error

MaintenanceClient manage maintenance mode on CDS

type MonitoringClient Uses

type MonitoringClient interface {
    MonStatus() (*sdk.MonitoringStatus, error)
    MonVersion() (*sdk.Version, error)
    MonDBMigrate() ([]sdk.MonDBMigrate, error)
    MonErrorsGet(uuid string) (*sdk.Error, error)

MonitoringClient exposes monitoring functions

type PipelineClient Uses

type PipelineClient interface {
    PipelineDelete(projectKey, name string) error
    PipelineCreate(projectKey string, pip *sdk.Pipeline) error
    PipelineList(projectKey string) ([]sdk.Pipeline, error)

PipelineClient exposes pipelines related functions

type ProjectClient Uses

type ProjectClient interface {
    ProjectCreate(proj *sdk.Project, groupName string) error
    ProjectDelete(projectKey string) error
    ProjectGroupAdd(projectKey, groupName string, permission int, projectOnly bool) error
    ProjectGroupDelete(projectKey, groupName string) error
    ProjectGet(projectKey string, opts ...RequestModifier) (*sdk.Project, error)
    ProjectUpdate(key string, project *sdk.Project) error
    ProjectList(withApplications, withWorkflow bool, filters ...Filter) ([]sdk.Project, error)
    ProjectGroupsImport(projectKey string, content io.Reader, format string, force bool) (sdk.Project, error)
    ProjectIntegrationImport(projectKey string, content io.Reader, format string, force bool) (sdk.ProjectIntegration, error)
    ProjectIntegrationGet(projectKey string, integrationName string, clearPassword bool) (sdk.ProjectIntegration, error)
    ProjectIntegrationList(projectKey string) ([]sdk.ProjectIntegration, error)
    ProjectIntegrationDelete(projectKey string, integrationName string) error
    ProjectRepositoryManagerList(projectKey string) ([]sdk.ProjectVCSServer, error)
    ProjectRepositoryManagerDelete(projectKey string, repoManagerName string, force bool) error

ProjectClient exposes project related functions

type ProjectKeysClient Uses

type ProjectKeysClient interface {
    ProjectKeysList(projectKey string) ([]sdk.ProjectKey, error)
    ProjectKeyCreate(projectKey string, key *sdk.ProjectKey) error
    ProjectKeysDelete(projectKey string, keyProjectName string) error

ProjectKeysClient exposes project keys related functions

type ProjectVariablesClient Uses

type ProjectVariablesClient interface {
    ProjectVariablesList(key string) ([]sdk.Variable, error)
    ProjectVariableCreate(projectKey string, variable *sdk.Variable) error
    ProjectVariableDelete(projectKey string, varName string) error
    ProjectVariableGet(projectKey string, varName string) (*sdk.Variable, error)
    ProjectVariableUpdate(projectKey string, variable *sdk.Variable) error
    VariableEncrypt(projectKey string, varName string, content string) (*sdk.Variable, error)

ProjectVariablesClient exposes project variables related functions

type ProviderClient Uses

type ProviderClient interface {
    ApplicationsList(projectKey string, opts ...RequestModifier) ([]sdk.Application, error)
    ApplicationDeploymentStrategyUpdate(projectKey, applicationName, integrationName string, config sdk.IntegrationConfig) error
    ApplicationMetadataUpdate(projectKey, applicationName, key, value string) error
    ProjectsList(opts ...RequestModifier) ([]sdk.Project, error)
    WorkflowsList(projectKey string) ([]sdk.Workflow, error)
    WorkflowLoad(projectKey, workflowName string) (*sdk.Workflow, error)
 ProviderClient exposes allowed methods for providers

 	cfg := ProviderConfig{
		Host: "https://my-cds-api:8081",
		Name: "my-provider-name",
		Token: "my-very-long-secret-token",
	client := NewProviderClient(cfg)
	//Get the writable projects of a user
	projects, err := client.ProjectsList(FilterByUser("a-username"), FilterByWritablePermission())

func NewProviderClient Uses

func NewProviderClient(cfg ProviderConfig) ProviderClient

NewProviderClient returns an implementation for ProviderClient interface

type ProviderConfig Uses

type ProviderConfig struct {
    Host                  string
    Name                  string
    Token                 string
    RequestSecondsTimeout int
    InsecureSkipVerifyTLS bool

ProviderConfig is the configuration data used by the cdsclient ProviderClient interface implementation

type QueueClient Uses

type QueueClient interface {
    QueueWorkflowNodeJobRun(status ...sdk.Status) ([]sdk.WorkflowNodeJobRun, error)
    QueueCountWorkflowNodeJobRun(since *time.Time, until *time.Time, modelType string, ratioService *int) (sdk.WorkflowNodeJobRunCount, error)
    QueuePolling(ctx context.Context, jobs chan<- sdk.WorkflowNodeJobRun, errs chan<- error, delay time.Duration, graceTime int, modelType string, ratioService *int, exceptWfJobID *int64) error
    QueueTakeJob(ctx context.Context, job sdk.WorkflowNodeJobRun, isBooked bool) (*sdk.WorkflowNodeJobRunData, error)
    QueueJobBook(ctx context.Context, id int64) error
    QueueJobRelease(id int64) error
    QueueJobInfo(id int64) (*sdk.WorkflowNodeJobRun, error)
    QueueJobSendSpawnInfo(ctx context.Context, id int64, in []sdk.SpawnInfo) error
    QueueSendResult(ctx context.Context, id int64, res sdk.Result) error
    QueueArtifactUpload(ctx context.Context, projectKey, integrationName string, nodeJobRunID int64, tag, filePath string) (bool, time.Duration, error)
    QueueStaticFilesUpload(ctx context.Context, projectKey, integrationName string, nodeJobRunID int64, name, entrypoint, staticKey string, tarContent io.Reader) (string, bool, time.Duration, error)
    QueueJobTag(ctx context.Context, jobID int64, tags []sdk.WorkflowRunTag) error
    QueueServiceLogs(ctx context.Context, logs []sdk.ServiceLog) error

QueueClient exposes queue related functions

type Raw Uses

type Raw interface {
    PostJSON(ctx context.Context, path string, in interface{}, out interface{}, mods ...RequestModifier) (int, error)
    PutJSON(ctx context.Context, path string, in interface{}, out interface{}, mods ...RequestModifier) (int, error)
    GetJSON(ctx context.Context, path string, out interface{}, mods ...RequestModifier) (int, error)
    DeleteJSON(ctx context.Context, path string, out interface{}, mods ...RequestModifier) (int, error)
    Request(ctx context.Context, method string, path string, body io.Reader, mods ...RequestModifier) ([]byte, http.Header, int, error)

Raw is a low-level interface exposing HTTP functions

type ReleaseAsset Uses

type ReleaseAsset struct {
    ID                 *int       `json:"id,omitempty"`
    URL                *string    `json:"url,omitempty"`
    Name               *string    `json:"name,omitempty"`
    Label              *string    `json:"label,omitempty"`
    State              *string    `json:"state,omitempty"`
    ContentType        *string    `json:"content_type,omitempty"`
    Size               *int       `json:"size,omitempty"`
    DownloadCount      *int       `json:"download_count,omitempty"`
    CreatedAt          *Timestamp `json:"created_at,omitempty"`
    UpdatedAt          *Timestamp `json:"updated_at,omitempty"`
    BrowserDownloadURL *string    `json:"browser_download_url,omitempty"`

ReleaseAsset represents a GitHub release asset in a repository.

type RepositoriesManagerInterface Uses

type RepositoriesManagerInterface interface {
    RepositoriesList(projectKey string, repoManager string, resync bool) ([]sdk.VCSRepo, error)

RepositoriesManagerInterface exposes all repostories manager functions

type RepositoryRelease Uses

type RepositoryRelease struct {
    ID              *int           `json:"id,omitempty"`
    TagName         *string        `json:"tag_name,omitempty"`
    TargetCommitish *string        `json:"target_commitish,omitempty"`
    Name            *string        `json:"name,omitempty"`
    Body            *string        `json:"body,omitempty"`
    Draft           *bool          `json:"draft,omitempty"`
    Prerelease      *bool          `json:"prerelease,omitempty"`
    CreatedAt       *Timestamp     `json:"created_at,omitempty"`
    PublishedAt     *Timestamp     `json:"published_at,omitempty"`
    URL             *string        `json:"url,omitempty"`
    HTMLURL         *string        `json:"html_url,omitempty"`
    AssetsURL       *string        `json:"assets_url,omitempty"`
    Assets          []ReleaseAsset `json:"assets,omitempty"`
    UploadURL       *string        `json:"upload_url,omitempty"`
    ZipballURL      *string        `json:"zipball_url,omitempty"`
    TarballURL      *string        `json:"tarball_url,omitempty"`

RepositoryRelease represents a GitHub release in a repository.

type RequestModifier Uses

type RequestModifier func(req *http.Request)

RequestModifier is used to modify behavior of Request and Steam functions

func FilterByUser Uses

func FilterByUser(username string) RequestModifier

FilterByUser allow a provider to perform a request as a user identified by its username

func FilterByWritablePermission Uses

func FilterByWritablePermission() RequestModifier

FilterByWritablePermission allow a provider to filter only writable objects

func SetHeader Uses

func SetHeader(key, value string) RequestModifier

SetHeader modify headers of http.Request

func WithUsage Uses

func WithUsage() RequestModifier

WithUsage allow a provider to retrieve an application with its usage

type SSEvent Uses

type SSEvent struct {
    URI  string
    Type string
    Data io.Reader

SSEvent is a go representation of an http server-sent event

type TemplateClient Uses

type TemplateClient interface {
    TemplateGet(groupName, templateSlug string) (*sdk.WorkflowTemplate, error)
    TemplateGetAll() ([]sdk.WorkflowTemplate, error)
    TemplateApply(groupName, templateSlug string, req sdk.WorkflowTemplateRequest) (*tar.Reader, error)
    TemplateBulk(groupName, templateSlug string, req sdk.WorkflowTemplateBulk) (*sdk.WorkflowTemplateBulk, error)
    TemplateGetBulk(groupName, templateSlug string, id int64) (*sdk.WorkflowTemplateBulk, error)
    TemplatePull(groupName, templateSlug string) (*tar.Reader, error)
    TemplatePush(tarContent io.Reader) ([]string, *tar.Reader, error)
    TemplateDelete(groupName, templateSlug string) error
    TemplateGetInstances(groupName, templateSlug string) ([]sdk.WorkflowTemplateInstance, error)
    TemplateDeleteInstance(groupName, templateSlug string, id int64) error

TemplateClient exposes templates functions

type Timestamp Uses

type Timestamp struct {

Timestamp represents a time that can be unmarshalled from a JSON string formatted as either an RFC3339 or Unix timestamp. This is necessary for some fields since the GitHub API is inconsistent in how it represents times. All exported methods of time.Time can be called on Timestamp.

func (Timestamp) Equal Uses

func (t Timestamp) Equal(u Timestamp) bool

Equal reports whether t and u are equal based on time.Equal

func (Timestamp) String Uses

func (t Timestamp) String() string

func (*Timestamp) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (t *Timestamp) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) (err error)

UnmarshalJSON implements the json.Unmarshaler interface. Time is expected in RFC3339 or Unix format.

type UserClient Uses

type UserClient interface {
    UserConfirm(username, token string) (bool, string, error)
    UserList() ([]sdk.User, error)
    UserGet(username string) (*sdk.User, error)
    UserGetGroups(username string) (map[string][]sdk.Group, error)
    UserLogin(username, password string) (bool, string, error)
    UserLoginCallback(ctx context.Context, request string, publicKey []byte) (sdk.AccessToken, string, error)
    UserReset(username, email, callback string) error
    UserSignup(username, fullname, email, callback string) error
    ListAllTokens() ([]sdk.Token, error)
    FindToken(token string) (sdk.Token, error)
    UpdateFavorite(params sdk.FavoriteParams) (interface{}, error)

UserClient exposes users functions

type WorkerClient Uses

type WorkerClient interface {
    WorkerModelBook(id int64) error
    WorkerList(ctx context.Context) ([]sdk.Worker, error)
    WorkerRefresh(ctx context.Context) error
    WorkerDisable(ctx context.Context, id string) error
    WorkerModelAdd(name, modelType, patternName string, dockerModel *sdk.ModelDocker, vmModel *sdk.ModelVirtualMachine, groupID int64) (sdk.Model, error)
    WorkerModel(groupName, name string) (sdk.Model, error)
    WorkerModelDelete(groupName, name string) error
    WorkerModelSpawnError(id int64, info sdk.SpawnErrorForm) error
    WorkerModels(*WorkerModelFilter) ([]sdk.Model, error)
    WorkerModelsEnabled() ([]sdk.Model, error)
    WorkerRegister(ctx context.Context, form sdk.WorkerRegistrationForm) (*sdk.Worker, bool, error)
    WorkerSetStatus(ctx context.Context, status sdk.Status) error

WorkerClient exposes workers functions

type WorkerModelFilter Uses

type WorkerModelFilter struct {
    State  string
    Binary string

WorkerModelFilter for model's calls.

type WorkflowAsCodeInterface Uses

type WorkflowAsCodeInterface interface {
    WorkflowAsCodeStart(projectKey string, repoURL string, repoStrategy sdk.RepositoryStrategy) (*sdk.Operation, error)
    WorkflowAsCodeInfo(projectKey string, operationID string) (*sdk.Operation, error)
    WorkflowAsCodePerform(projectKey string, operationID string) ([]string, error)

WorkflowAsCodeInterface exposes all workflow as code functions

type WorkflowClient Uses

type WorkflowClient interface {
    WorkflowList(projectKey string) ([]sdk.Workflow, error)
    WorkflowGet(projectKey, name string, opts ...RequestModifier) (*sdk.Workflow, error)
    WorkflowUpdate(projectKey, name string, wf *sdk.Workflow) error
    WorkflowDelete(projectKey string, workflowName string) error
    WorkflowGroupAdd(projectKey, name, groupName string, permission int) error
    WorkflowGroupDelete(projectKey, name, groupName string) error
    WorkflowRunGet(projectKey string, workflowName string, number int64) (*sdk.WorkflowRun, error)
    WorkflowRunsDeleteByBranch(projectKey string, workflowName string, branch string) error
    WorkflowRunResync(projectKey string, workflowName string, number int64) (*sdk.WorkflowRun, error)
    WorkflowRunSearch(projectKey string, offset, limit int64, filter ...Filter) ([]sdk.WorkflowRun, error)
    WorkflowRunList(projectKey string, workflowName string, offset, limit int64) ([]sdk.WorkflowRun, error)
    WorkflowRunArtifacts(projectKey string, name string, number int64) ([]sdk.WorkflowNodeRunArtifact, error)
    WorkflowRunFromHook(projectKey string, workflowName string, hook sdk.WorkflowNodeRunHookEvent) (*sdk.WorkflowRun, error)
    WorkflowRunFromManual(projectKey string, workflowName string, manual sdk.WorkflowNodeRunManual, number, fromNodeID int64) (*sdk.WorkflowRun, error)
    WorkflowRunNumberGet(projectKey string, workflowName string) (*sdk.WorkflowRunNumber, error)
    WorkflowRunNumberSet(projectKey string, workflowName string, number int64) error
    WorkflowStop(projectKey string, workflowName string, number int64) (*sdk.WorkflowRun, error)
    WorkflowNodeStop(projectKey string, workflowName string, number, fromNodeID int64) (*sdk.WorkflowNodeRun, error)
    WorkflowNodeRun(projectKey string, name string, number int64, nodeRunID int64) (*sdk.WorkflowNodeRun, error)
    WorkflowNodeRunArtifactDownload(projectKey string, name string, a sdk.WorkflowNodeRunArtifact, w io.Writer) error
    WorkflowNodeRunJobStep(projectKey string, workflowName string, number int64, nodeRunID, job int64, step int) (*sdk.BuildState, error)
    WorkflowNodeRunRelease(projectKey string, workflowName string, runNumber int64, nodeRunID int64, release sdk.WorkflowNodeRunRelease) error
    WorkflowAllHooksList() ([]sdk.NodeHook, error)
    WorkflowCachePush(projectKey, integrationName, ref string, tarContent io.Reader, size int) error
    WorkflowCachePull(projectKey, integrationName, ref string) (io.Reader, error)
    WorkflowTemplateInstanceGet(projectKey, workflowName string) (*sdk.WorkflowTemplateInstance, error)
    WorkflowTransformAsCode(projectKey, workflowName string) (*sdk.Operation, error)
    WorkflowTransformAsCodeFollow(projectKey, workflowName string, ope *sdk.Operation) error

WorkflowClient exposes workflows functions

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