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package webctx

import ""


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const (
    Width   = "width"
    Height  = "height"
    Driver  = "driver" // Possible values: chrome, phantomjs, gecko
    Args    = "args"
    Prefs   = "prefs"
    Timeout = "timeout"
    Debug   = "debug"

Key of context element in testsuite file

const Name = "web"

Name of the Context

func New Uses

func New() venom.TestCaseContext

New returns a new TestCaseContext

type WebTestCaseContext Uses

type WebTestCaseContext struct {

    Page *agouti.Page
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

WebTestCaseContext represents the context of a testcase

func (*WebTestCaseContext) Close Uses

func (tcc *WebTestCaseContext) Close() error

Close web driver

func (*WebTestCaseContext) Init Uses

func (tcc *WebTestCaseContext) Init() error

Init build context of type web. It creates a new browser

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